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  1. [FIXED] - Ext Direct API
  2. [CLOSED] Component config: "sort alphabetical" mode is lost every time I go in design pane
  3. "Deploy" won't overwrite a previous version in the deploy directory
  4. [FIXED] multiSelect should be hidden on GridView
  5. [CLOSED] Cannot add additional function for init() function in a controller
  6. [FIXED] Remove title from Toolbar = crash
  7. [FIXED] Flex option on Tabs of TabPanel
  8. [FIXED] Route support is lacking in Touch 2.0
  9. [OPEN] Ext.SegmentedButton allowDepress=false bug with Sencha Designer
  10. [OPEN] Chart qtips dont work as expected.
  11. [FIXED] adding fullscreen:true to view = blank in designer.
  12. Much inconvenient to encapsulate a new component when extending from one in ext lib
  13. [FIXED] Commenting out the last line of code
  14. [FIXED] Inconsistent line ends in generated code
  15. Gridpanel column editor config object
  16. [FIXED] Having a long Route URL
  17. [FIXED] Comment in last line results syntax error
  18. [FIXED] Designer 2.0 beta 1 reserved words
  19. [FIXED] Designer 2 crashes when select picker in project inspector
  20. [FIXED] folder name 'deploy' seems to cause infinite loop creating folders too deep to delete
  21. [CLOSED] TypeError: 'null' is not a constructor (evaluating 'new c(a[0])') with blank project
  22. [FIXED] V2 Build 311 - Deploy warning overflow cannot click YES
  23. [CLOSED] JSON Store not available as Store in Grid Panel
  24. Help! The Designer doesn't work
  25. [CLOSED] The override class was not serialized in metadata folder
  26. Only singleton model for store can be used in designer2 property settings
  27. [FIXED] Report syntax error when there's a "return" in Basic Function
  28. [OPEN] Model Format Validations - no matcher or message properties
  29. [FIXED] Cannot add datemenu handler
  30. [FIXED] Ext.tab.Panel - reording tabs
  31. [FIXED] Indentaion lost after restart
  32. [CLOSED] Ext.Map mapOptions error
  33. [FIXED] Error on Save
  34. [FIXED] Build 337 deploy/package function bugs
  35. [FIXED] Controller Action Function Return error
  36. [INFOREQ] Empty Toolbox in Build 337
  37. [FIXED] Upgrading to 337 killed my routes...
  38. [2.x ] Update check
  39. Cannot populate the grid/store as the order returned from server
  40. [FIXED] Version 2.0.0 Build 337 Project Upgrade Error Reported
  41. [INFOREQ] Designer Error
  42. Build 337 and Deploy Package as an app?
  43. [FIXED] Ext.panel.Tool missing configs
  44. CityBars video tutorial - itemtap function error?
  45. [FIXED] Much inconvenient for team work
  46. [FIXED] Error alert when launching from windows taskbar shortcut
  47. [CLOSED] Duplicating a button in a toolbar issue
  48. Got problems after update to 2.x build 341
  49. [FIXED] - Update 341 JSON.stringify cannot serialize cyclic structures.
  50. [FIXED] [video] Error when adding a basic function to a panel with a custom object property
  51. [FIXED] Application functions do not save their content
  52. sencha designer Version:2.0.0 Build:341 don't work
  53. [FIXED] Ext.selection.CheckboxModel misses some critical events
  54. Ext Toolbar ButtonGroup default columns (341) (bug or feature request?)
  55. [CLOSED] Ext vs. Touch Toolbox Differences (341)
  56. [FIXED]Sencha Designer 2.0.0 Build 341 preview does not work
  57. DataIndex property is mandatory on grid column
  58. [FIXED] Problem with modifying region of panels in window with border layout
  59. [CLOSED] Adding button to toolbar, causes strange error
  60. Setting an Image Source
  61. [CLOSED] "stubs" created in one of my controllers
  62. Build 341 doesnt deploy properly
  63. After deleting all my models and stores, Blank screen
  64. [FIXED] Error while adding event handler
  65. Strange Warning on Store
  66. [INFOREQ] Designer 2.0.0 build 341 repeatedly crashing
  67. [FIXED] Deploy Project / iOSSimulator installed: false
  68. [FIXED] Store Event for beforeload has wrong name
  69. [NOREPRO] Lose focus with sencha designer Version:2.0.0 Build:341
  70. Keeping stores and models sortable
  71. Tab panels not working as expected
  72. [INFOREQ] Renaming Column in Grid in Canvas - Fatal Crash
  73. [FIXED] Deploy
  74. [FIXED] Feature or Bug?: Store Controller Action
  75. [CLOSED] changing width in a gridpanel doesn't stick in property editor, does stick in code
  76. can not delete cell editor plugin
  77. [FIXED] Build 341 - SyntaxError - Parse error - Unable to save Project
  78. [FIXED] Form Panel / Reader
  79. [FIXED] Build 353: Controller userAlias inserts extra comma
  80. [DUP] Setting a JsonReader root property to (none) (aka null)
  81. [FIXED] Missing comma after models array in a controller
  82. [FIXED] Event binding delay not being set
  83. [FIXED] Build 353 - Deploy
  84. [FIXED] Build #353: app.js missing controllers when opening old projects
  85. [FIXED] Designer 353 : Can't add custom property to Controller Reference
  86. [FIXED] Designer Build 355 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected Identifier
  87. [FIXED] Build 355, No Changes Detected
  88. [OPEN] Update Designer behind secured proxy
  89. [NOREPRO] Add support for more button type
  90. [FIXED] Beta 2, Build 355, Code view - No longer able to select in code using keys
  91. [FIXED] Tab key does not work with build 355 anymore
  92. [FIXED] Editor undo bug
  93. [OPEN] renderTpl should be validated
  94. [INFOREQ] Cannot access current project from so-called patch
  95. [FIXED] Inconsistent code generation
  96. console.log recommendation
  97. [FIXED] CellEditing plugin cannot be dropped on Tree
  98. [FIXED] rownumberer column missing from toolbox
  99. [FIXED] Build 360: Removal of override doesn't remove requires reference in application
  100. [CLOSED] NavigationView shows wrong view (last view)
  101. [FIXED] Build 360: ""expanded": & "expandedState" should be revision control friendly
  102. [CLOSED] designer.js is not updating in build 360 (critical issue)
  103. [CLOSED] Code View should highlight related code for item selected in Project Inspector
  104. [FIXED] Code Toolbar overlaps when working in low resolution
  105. [FIXED] Function parameters are not validated
  106. [CLOSED] b360 - HtmlEditor and allowBlank
  107. Hide and Seek with Store / Proxy / Reader Properties
  108. [CLOSED] Key down event disabled in editor view
  109. [CLOSED] Don't save such info like expand/collapse=true/false in metadata
  110. [FIXED] Ext.resizer.Splitter not usable with vbox
  111. [INFOREQ] viewport event not firing : version: 360
  112. Resizing browser frame leaves behind GridPanel
  113. [INFOREQ] Error in JavaScript Editor not clearing
  114. [FIXED] AutoColum'ing should pick up Id of column
  115. [CLOSED] launch function does not run automatically
  116. [FIXED] Ext.plugin.PullRefresh - not displaying correctly
  117. [DUP] Adding renderer to Pie series label. Wrong format in code
  118. [INFOREQ] You're trying to decode an invalid JSON String: Source Class: Ext.JSON Source Metho
  119. [CLOSED] StoreId not used in store definition as of build 363
  120. [INFOREQ] Build 363 breaks stores and models
  121. [FIXED] Allow Shift-Del, Ctrl+Ins and Shift-Ins equivalents on Windows
  122. [CLOSED] Problems deploying projects under Subversion
  123. [FIXED] Indenting using tab is broken: Indents too much
  124. [FIXED] Build 363 Problem with spaces to indent
  125. [FIXED] Bug with deploy and subversion.
  126. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 2.0.x List doesn't show up as expected.
  127. NavigationBar displays on left for dock top
  128. Ext.Img not working as expected in Sencha Touch 2 with Designer 2 build 374
  129. [FIXED] b363 - Combo and select event
  130. Designer does not allow a string value for directFn
  131. [FIXED] Minor bug in b374 code generation
  132. [FIXED] Gridpanel with single column issue
  133. Container will not transform to Panel when Ext.Image Src file is Not Available
  134. [OPEN] One-statement blocks don't get indented
  135. Controller Function display incorrectly
  136. [FIXED] Proxy event handler references me.onXxx (me is not defined)
  137. [.374] no event listeners for DatePickerField events
  138. [INFOREQ] Checkbox error - asking to report
  139. [CLOSED] code editor issues
  140. [FIXED] "no image found" sets width and height to 201
  141. [FIXED] Can't clear/remove navigation bar
  142. [FIXED] TypeError: 'undefied' is not an object. and all views are disappeared.
  143. Img Width/Height resets after Designer restart
  144. Grid's column editor: cant set regex config
  145. [INFOREQ] Basic Function() under application
  146. Save new settings after coping project
  147. [CLOSED] Build 374 Direct store xhr returning source
  148. [FIXED] Segmented Button in NavigationBar
  149. A custom config cannot override a reserved member message
  150. [FIXED] Adding custom properies show error
  151. [FIXED] Deploy does not complete
  152. [FIXED] deploy fails on Mac
  153. [FIXED] Adding a Menu to a Cycle Button
  154. unable to add custom property to action column
  155. [CLOSED] ST2 project - device sizes inaccurate
  156. [CLOSED] as the outer window is made smaller, toolbar with buttons does not resize correctly
  157. Where are the example projects?
  158. [CLOSED] Delete item from the keyboard - osx lion
  159. [FIXED] Export to XDC File Is No Longer Available in Sencha Architect
  160. Snapshot - Scrolling Grid
  161. [FIXED] JSHint validation on individual function level
  162. [FIXED] Syntax warning/errors not provided full scope when used in a function
  163. win7 nested list can't bind store
  164. Ext.Loader
  165. Architect activation problems (loop between license and credentials)
  166. [2.0.410] Deploy/Copy does not work anymore
  167. [2.0.410] Missing options for packaging
  168. [2.0.410]
  169. [CLOSED] Renaming a store doesn't update it's references
  170. Tab key does not behave as expectedse i
  171. Interface Settings - Setting Project to 'Left' doesn't move config and info panels
  172. [FIXED] ExtJS 4 Series Title as Array
  173. [INFOREQ] [2.0.412] Sencha Architect doesn't work anymore
  174. [FIXED] Deploy copies xds file
  175. Cannot change project name. Object is undefined.
  176. Tpl / Data not found in button
  177. [CLOSED] How do I add data to a Store in Architect 2.0.0 build 412
  178. It generates error code of object in Sencha Architect
  179. [FIXED] Crash after trying to add a HasOneAssociation to a Model
  180. [FIXED] Problem to package with sencha architect
  181. [OPEN] userAlias with a dot is rejected
  182. [FIXED] Cannot save project with a hyphen in file name.
  183. [FIXED] pickerslot data: Where to enter in Architect 2?
  184. Cannot save project with a hyphen in file name.
  185. Can't move elements in the Project Inspector to the top, if the top needs scrolling
  186. [CLOSED] Easy to fix => Changing Ext JS path in settings, doesn't change the app.html content
  187. [FIXED] TPL Parse Error when calling more than one function on a value
  188. [FIXED] Simple Store in a ComboBox?
  189. Cannot support copy via drap & drop like on a ref in a controller
  190. [FIXED] Sencha Architect has problems with passwords containing spaces
  191. Canvas goes blank cannot restore
  192. [DUP] proxy headers getting \n when using a +
  193. [CLOSED] [2.0.412] Can't add Function to fields
  194. Native packaging architect projects issues
  195. [FIXED] b412 - form misses some events
  196. [CLOSED] Cannot paste code using <SHIFT>+<INSERT>
  197. [FIXED] Invalid Button Text
  198. [FIXED] Error Opening Project - TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
  199. putting in bad URL for URL Prefix causes crash on store load
  200. [CLOSED] Native packaging doesn't work on Windows 7
  201. [NOREPRO] Diffrent rendering of HTML Editor in Sencha Architect from deployed website
  202. Project doesn't package on OSX
  203. [INFOREQ] No design preview
  204. Many Issues on Poor Little editor property of Ext.grid.column.Column
  205. [CLOSED] Design/Code Mode Selection Usability Enhancements(Feature Request)
  206. [CLOSED] Minor bug : Window resizable property should be a checkbox not a textfield
  207. [MAC OSX] Shell Window remains open after the execution of preview
  208. [INFOREQ] Can't write on Mac
  209. Pie chart series bug
  210. [FIXED] Add cache-nuke to app.js
  211. [INFOREQ] TypeError : "null" is no an object ....
  212. [DUP] Ext JS: When using a card layout, toggling cards does not change active item
  213. [FIXED] appFolder does not except point
  214. [DUP] Config object for api property in Proxy, stores as string & not as object literal
  215. [FIXED] Search field dragged onto form gets incorrect component (typo in generated field)
  216. [CLOSED] Ext.Button iconCls list selection has no effect (Windows)
  217. Nice to have: cursor "Snap To" feature on Windows
  218. [FIXED] Cannot copy text from List itemTpl field
  219. Architect build 412 NO LONGER STARTS
  220. [CLOSED] Deploy and Preview icons disabled
  221. [FIXED] Sencha Architect not Signed
  222. [FIXED] Sencha Touch Deploy Not Working
  223. [CLOSED] ST2 Google Maps under Resources
  224. events not worling with delegate #id
  225. [FIXED] [BUG] Sencha Architect 2.0.0 Build 412 - Ext.grid.feature.RowBody
  226. [FIXED] "New Project' while maximized moves and resizes window (Win7)
  227. [FIXED] Duplicating a button with a handler on a toolbar does not rename function
  228. JS files in resources included after app.js
  229. [FIXED] Setting value on Ext.picker.Date does not work
  230. [INFOREQ] Adding components to the toolbar -> TypeError: 'undefined' ...
  231. [FIXED] Improvement: Insert new elements at mouse position when using "absolute" layout
  232. [INFOREQ] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'operation.method.apply')
  233. [INFOREQ] Sencha Architect has stopped working
  234. Architect / Ext / Touch out of sync
  235. [CLOSED] Code window is often completely blank (Win7 / Touch 2.0)
  236. SDK Tools not detected (Win7 / Touch 2.0 project)
  237. [CLOSED] Missing API for the Store Config or in the Toolbox?
  238. [INFOREQ] My design view is going blank on most changes (Win7 / Touch)
  239. [CLOSED] Grouper attribute "property" not available on Architect 2 - build 412
  240. [FIXED] Select All in Code View has no effect (Win7 x64 / Touch)
  241. [NOREPRO] Double click on TabPanel in Accordion Layout causes crash
  242. [INFOREQ] Add function doesn't work
  243. [CLOSED] Legend and Background do not appear
  244. [FIXED] Dependency Order of Models is not maintained when opening a project
  245. [FIXED] Deploy fails w/ xcopy prompt and long delay if directory does not exist (Win7 Touch)
  246. [CLOSED] app.js designer.js and Application out of sync
  247. [FIXED] TabConfig not shown for custom panels inside Tab Panel
  248. SegmentedButton allowDepress????????
  249. [FIXED] Invalid objet config parsing which contains return or comma
  250. Funny Item in Grid Panel makes no sense to me