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  1. Designer loads project with wrong view
  2. Cannot define a reader on a hasMany association
  3. [CLOSED] Cannot set xtype of main container (Win7 / Touch)
  4. [NOREPRO] Controllers should not have an events config (they can't have basic event bindings)
  5. requires attribute "property" not available on Architect 2
  6. Crash when i try to build my sencha app,usind SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3
  7. [INFOREQ] ControllerAction Target missing Action Column Items?
  8. Undefined appears above columns.
  9. Time axis on charts doesn't seem to work.
  10. [CLOSED] topInstanceFileMap in my.xds file contains invalid paths
  11. Crash when trying to add a third hasMany Association
  12. [NOREPRO] Picker's displayField is not set correctly in generated code
  13. Sencha Architect 412 wont startup
  14. [CLOSED] Vestigial Designer Files can ruin your day
  15. Sencha Architect 2.0 Build 412 Doesn't work with space in folder names OS X Lion
  16. setAutoMaximize not working in ST2
  17. Unable to Package in Sencha Architect 2.0 build 412 on both Vista and Ubuntu
  18. [FIXED] [BUG] Sencha Architect 2.0.0 Build 412 - Adding beforesync event to store
  19. [OPEN] Cannot transform top-level views when they are linked to other views
  20. [FIXED] Meaningless names are given for JavaScript resources url with slashes.
  21. [FIXED] #itemId Doesn't Work as a controlQuery for a Controller Action
  22. Default browser
  23. Ext.grid.Panel controller action celldblclick
  24. [FIXED] Store does not include all models required with associations
  25. Editable Code Box
  26. [FIXED] Date picker value field causes syntax error
  27. Automatic Resize of Main window
  28. SA2 crashes on load if not logged in as admin (win7/64)
  29. Saving a project while using appFolder setting in application config
  30. [INFOREQ] Select not updating selection
  31. [INFOREQ] userClassName Should Not Require Uniqueness Between Views and Stores.
  32. [412] SegmentedButton and allowDepress config
  33. [FIXED] [412] Ext.layout.Card and Cube animation
  34. Blank grid panel when adding a custom property
  35. All View and Controller files deleted
  36. [NOREPRO] cursor won't move in code view
  37. Views, Controllers and Stores lost, corrupted files.
  38. Application's "controllers" is not removable in property setting panel.
  39. Ext.app.Application loads views, stores, and models synchronously
  40. [CLOSED] Class Ext.data.ScriptTagProxy was not found.
  41. [CLOSED] can't add identifier object to a model
  42. [FIXED] TabPanel tab title
  43. [OPEN] Architect doesn't size its main application window correctly when first loading
  44. Cannot deploy to directory not exists
  45. Cannot preview from disk
  46. Sencha Architect won't start!
  47. extraParams gets wrapped in quotes
  48. Routes doesn't permit to add params
  49. Can not use 2.0.1 ? how to downgrade sencha architect ?
  50. Crash when clearing custom autoEl value
  51. [CLOSED] Upgrading Geocongress and other examples to build 439 doesn't work
  52. [OPEN] Hey, where'd my template go?
  53. [OPEN] Ext.tree.Panel: Warning shown when @root & !@store
  54. [INFOREQ] Deleted a portion of onContainerInitialize function and go this
  55. Architect 2.0.0. Build 439 - !!3 huge issues!!! - throws continuous TypeErrors
  56. Unable to deploy if pathname includes scandinavian characters
  57. [FIXED] Build 439 - Loops my files
  58. [FIXED] Scrollable - cannot set scrollDirection to lock within Architect
  59. C is not a constructor on bidirectional associations
  60. [FIXED] Wrong Tab Highlighted
  61. Can not set insertion point with touchpad on script
  62. Designer does not display referenced images
  63. How to update Architect from behind a proxy server
  64. Deploy Error no SDK found
  65. Error after Architect Upgrade
  66. [FIXED] Controller not showing up in Application configs
  67. Screen Size dropdown looses last setting
  68. can't override buildUrl function of Proxy
  69. Using proxy, Unable to establish internet connection to begin software registration.
  70. Error occured while installing the update SA 2.0.0 Build 442
  71. [FIXED] TypeError after upgrade
  72. Can't get latest updates - behind proxy
  73. [OPEN] custom events bug (?)
  74. [FIXED] Convert to action
  75. [INFOREQ] Project Inspector Freezes
  76. Error: The following classes are not declared... but all classes are declared!
  77. [CLOSED] Stats are send if you update Architect!
  78. Undo - deletes override and I've had a view completely go missing
  79. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
  80. Select FIelds valueField = Number
  81. [FIXED] Overwrite previous project bug
  82. Report a Bug
  83. Sencha Architect 2, Tutorial does not work, Win32
  84. Deploying sencha in android emulator using eclipse.
  85. TextField bug
  86. Load Data Error 401: Unauthorised - JSON Store
  87. Sencha Architect does not execute (behind proxy with authentication - ubuntu)
  88. [FIXED] Unable to have 20.00 as value for Label HTML
  89. [DUP] TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function
  90. Project Loads, View and Controllers Do Not
  91. [FIXED] Unable to Add new param to BasicFunction
  92. Ext.form.field.Date/datefield - can't set value to new Date()
  93. [CLOSED] Ext.Panel and Custom events
  94. [CLOSED] Incorrect param names for Grid selection change controller action
  95. Menu "Help > Changelog" has a broken link (404)
  96. [FIXED] Architect 2 eats my comment's spaces!
  97. [OPEN] JavaScript Constant "const" is shown as an error
  98. Dont know the bug
  99. Bottom item in properties Inspector on lower right is masked by lower window frame
  100. View pushed onto navigation view only works once (project attached)
  101. [FIXED] Cycle button default controlquery is wrong
  102. Line chart with more than 5 items makes everything garbled
  103. [FIXED] startupImage list into Architect - PLEASE..!!!!
  104. [FIXED] Crashes constantly - out of memory
  105. [CLOSED] Bug in Array Store
  106. [CLOSED] Put variable in inspector's config.
  107. [CLOSED] Designer layout settings not saved
  108. [FIXED] inline 'else' statements shown as errors
  109. [CLOSED] empty canvas in extjs4 project
  110. [FIXED] Performance: Please don't render 'Design' tab while 'Code' is active
  111. Editor's badtrip
  112. [FIXED] escape chars in code editor
  113. [FIXED] quick settings on list is hidden
  114. Custom properties with null value ?
  115. Frequently Crashing Sencha Architect
  116. Set the same property on more controls (NOT together)
  117. [FIXED] Text-Search function in editor not working
  118. Removing a storeId
  119. [CLOSED] Ext.dataview.component.DataItem missing dataMap config ??
  120. [OPEN] Code editor indent without brackets
  121. ActionSheet with hbox layout, last button height
  122. [FIXED] Fields with square brackets in name
  123. [CLOSED] Delegate Event Binding custom target type.
  124. [OPEN] Controller action code does not get saved (restart of SA fixes it.)
  125. Renaming userClassName does not update associated ControllerAction TargetType
  126. [FIXED] spacer between two segmentatedbuttons causes project crash
  127. [FIXED] Controller reference - xtype and autoCreate
  128. [FIXED] Menuitem.handler function in Architect?
  129. [NOREPRO] Toolbox Search Missing
  130. adding extraParam to store
  131. Upgrade project from Sencha Designer - attributes dropped and app breaks
  132. [CLOSED] Unable to load data using the supplied configuration
  133. Controller actions and store events issues
  134. [FIXED] Grid -> Promote to Class -> userAlias problem
  135. [FIXED] Search doesn't work in the code editor
  136. Adding fields and actions under Config - strange behavior
  137. Code Editor often flags good code as incorrect.
  138. [FIXED] textAlign in Button not available in property inspector
  139. Architect window resets to main monitor on project opening
  140. CORS problem with RestProxy
  141. If you set renderTpl of button,you will see this
  142. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
  143. [CLOSED] Text Finder doesn't work
  144. German special characters in Ext.data.Field.name
  145. [FIXED] List loadingText set to false stays as string "false"
  146. [CLOSED] Controller control does not allow Controller refs
  147. Controller control does not allow Controller refs
  148. [CLOSED] Function Generator Button does not work!!!!
  149. [FIXED] Make controllers in application configuaration optional.
  150. [FIXED] Linked Column with icon-repeat issue in Config
  151. [FIXED] Export to file does not add file suffix(.xdc)
  152. [OPEN] Project Inspector - highlight row problem - long object name
  153. form container and text fields
  154. Property enableTextSelection is missing for Gridviews
  155. [OPEN] Can't specify backText on a NestedList to customise button
  156. [CLOSED] Pull refresh function cannot be converted to controller
  157. [OPEN] MyListPagingPlugin Event Bindings are empty
  158. [FIXED] Import model XDC shows default names MyField1, MyField2 etc
  159. [FIXED] Overwritten Component shows twice inside ToolBox
  160. [OPEN] set property stateful for a component not works
  161. Report a bug...
  162. [CLOSED] button press on tab change
  163. Controller not getting events
  164. [NOREPRO] GUI problem when editing code
  165. Loosing values in Config with mousescroll
  166. [FIXED] Problem with dotfiles in SCM Seapine Surround
  167. [FIXED] Using arrows when creating references
  168. [DUP] No approach to help us convert metadata to JS code
  169. Unexpected Image link behaviour 
  170. Trial version expired direct after install
  171. Custom Properties should be inserted Null value, otherwise....
  172. [CLOSED] Components saved to toolbox should share transform group
  173. Column width is not adjusted when grid header is resized in IE8
  174. Not fullscreen when open project.
  175. Edit/undo and redo.
  176. Exiting a non modified project ask you to save
  177. [FIXED] Windows is centered on startup!?
  178. [FIXED] Config panel hide the end of the list
  179. [FIXED] component: {"type": "serach"}
  180. [FIXED] purgePageCount property for Ext.data.JsonStore has a boolean value, not a number
  181. rollbackBackupDirectory
  182. TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  183. Custom event handler error
  184. [CLOSED] Sencha Architect 2 b442 complains about line breaks before '?'
  185. [INFOREQ] File upload button very small
  186. [FIXED] Sencha Architect 2 b442 code view mixes tabs and spaces / disregards project settings
  187. Sencha Architect 2 b442 refuses to set "reserved" properties
  188. [CLOSED] How to add 'Ext.require' in Sencha Architect 2 for more than one item?
  189. [OPEN] '0,000.00/i' not allowed in format property of a numbercolumn
  190. [FIXED] crash when convert to action.?
  191. [FIXED] Saving to Toolbox issue - Overwriting doesn't work
  192. Initial View, Gridpanel aren't dislayed in Design view
  193. [FIXED] Add Reader to LocalStorageProxy does nothing
  194. Ubuntu 12.04 Crashes on Open/Save project
  195. [FIXED] Canvas: Type of cursor when pointing on the scrollbar is text
  196. [DUP] Cannot add custom attribute : null
  197. [OPEN] Same linked instances looking different
  198. [FIXED] Architect Constant Crashes
  199. [FIXED] Find / Replace functionality
  200. Unable to Hard Code Data Values
  201. [FIXED] how to set directionLock on containers in architect 2
  202. GridColumn editor Value Not Evaluating Correctly
  203. Load the particular data in their appropriate textfield.
  204. null is not an object
  205. cursor always disappears from editor on Architect
  206. [CLOSED] writing code in tap, not possible to mark from right!
  207. [CLOSED] Cannot create or use new validation types in a Model
  208. Desktop Support
  209. Stretchy Tabs
  210. I lost All my Views, due to an error on sencha architect (Please Help)
  211. Two versions of the same function - function node and controller node.
  212. [OPEN] Transformed Column of a Grid with SummaryFeature loses summaryType & summaryRenderer
  213. [INFOREQ] Selection issues
  214. [NOREPRO] SA is resetting allowBlank property to false on closing and reopening a project
  215. [FIXED] Unexcepted error - TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  216. [FIXED] Custom Event Binding TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  217. Architect 2.0 bug in custom configs
  218. [DUP] method in extraParams
  219. [CLOSED] Constant in 'url' of Ext.data.proxy.JsonP
  220. [FIXED] Urgent: TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  221. [INFOREQ] Can't open project after crash - You're trying to decode an invalid JSON String
  222. [FIXED] Escape characters aren't filtered within the editor
  223. [OSX Lion] A communication problem has occured
  224. [INFOREQ] JavaScript formater error
  225. [OPEN] Sencha Architect 2 b442 chokes on template columns if the grid lacks a store
  226. Too many singletons
  227. Add the plugins property to a component
  228. [FIXED] Correct scope for Application Actions defined in Architect
  229. [FIXED] Store.purgePageCount should be a number
  230. [OPEN] Can we assign a custom sortType to a field in SA?
  231. [FIXED] Ext.form.Panel Xml reader problem
  232. [FIXED] Architect 2 uses Ext.override, which is deprecated
  233. [NOREPRO] Naming my Viewport as "Viewport"
  234. Constant crash of the editor for no apparent reason
  235. [FIXED] Error Exporting and Importing components
  236. [FIXED] How to set maskRe property on a grid cell editor in Sencha Architect
  237. [DUP] Search Functionality
  238. Undo Does not work in code view
  239. [NOREPRO] application config problem
  240. [OPEN] Ext.form.field.Base missing on ControllerAction's targetType
  241. Missing Component Properties
  242. [INFOREQ] Your 30 day trial has expired
  243. [CLOSED] TypeError: 'null' is not an object Source Class: undefined Line 0
  244. [FIXED] Deploy project displays a modal screen with no way to select yes/no button
  245. [FIXED] Can't set text property of button inside toolbar with the value 0
  246. [FIXED] Corrupted metadata / error due to renaming
  247. Error Markers not clearing in Code Editor
  248. [CLOSED] Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getForm'
  249. [FIXED] SummaryType is not a property
  250. Edit section but deploy doesnt deploy file