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  1. [FIXED] TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'a.innerElement.addCls')
  2. [FIXED] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'y.insertAdjacentHTML')
  3. [CLOSED] Type Error in Architect Propeties
  4. [OPEN] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'h.substring') when loading store
  5. [FIXED] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'this.opening.update')
  6. Crashes when loading Resource
  7. [INFOREQ] Overlying views in Architect preview
  8. Can't insert a new app.json file to an AppStore app
  9. Version 2.1.0 Build 678 package app error with Sencha Cmd v3.0.2.288
  10. Assign view bug
  11. Sencha Architect 2.1 functional version available?
  12. [OPEN] CheckboxSelectionModel Doesn't Render After "Promote To Class"
  13. Direct store with API object not load data
  14. [INFOREQ] Combobox Ext.form.field.Field.value always surrounded with ''
  15. [OPEN] scrollable: null - added in 2.1.1 and not possible to do in SA
  16. [DUP] Config filter with multiple items not applied when locked
  17. [DUP] Architect 2: Adding "renderTo" config causes blank surface
  18. [INFOREQ] tabpanel activeTab is not overridden by container defaults
  19. [OPEN] BUG: adding a list index bar to mylist makes preview disappear
  20. [FIXED] Floating panels get region added
  21. [CLOSED] Publishing broken: 0 File(s) copied
  22. [INFOREQ] Ext.grid.column.Number renderer
  23. [INFOREQ] Architect - An unexpected error occured
  24. [OPEN] colorpicker is not available
  25. [FIXED] store onJsonstoreBeforeSync(options,options) bug
  26. [DUP] Custom tools type
  27. [OPEN] Duplicated function
  28. ALTGR + ENTER in code editor
  29. xds moves around identifiers, making merging overly complicated
  30. Still can't view second child of accordion layout
  31. [CLOSED] Can't add a drag-drop plugin to a grid
  32. Error Message on startup
  33. Window margin bug
  34. [ST 2.1.1] - list - scrollable:false not working
  35. Unable to add custom properties to listeners in controllers
  36. Unable to add root property to TreeStore
  37. sencha architect loading error
  38. A couple of features that could save your life...
  39. [ST 2.1.1 SA 2.10 Build: 678] pullrefresh - pullTpl overridden.
  40. [OPEN] Attribute is removed if set to default value
  41. Architect 2.2 project upgrade errors
  42. [FIXED] Publish popup window cannot be closed
  43. [CLOSED] 2.2 Store error recursive instead of informative.
  44. Unable to establish internet connection to begin software registration.
  45. [FIXED] Bug: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'path' of undefined
  46. [FIXED] Duplicate model fields
  47. [DUP] New version of architect - all I get is black window in application
  48. [FIXED] sencha property must begin with a letter
  49. [OPEN] Screen flash on expand / collapse of anything in project inspector
  50. Big project, I opened too many files got lot of 'x'
  51. Radio button (and presumably other widges) inputValue is now a string, not a number
  52. [INFOREQ] Cannot assign Treestore to Tree.View (v2.2)
  53. Architect 2.2 Delete Component freezes
  54. Architect 2.2 not starting after auto upgrade (Windows)
  55. Getting error on Sencha Architect 2.2 upgrade
  56. Invalid value, config value converted to a string
  57. After upgrading to 4.2, Architect keeps adding deleted store to controller
  58. [FIXED] Architect 2.2 won't be friends with SVN
  59. [FIXED] Architect deletes metadata files on load
  60. [OPEN] Local file edits are not being detected by Architect
  61. [OPEN] shift del
  62. [INFOREQ] error creating "launch" function in controller
  63. tutorial uses internal classes - that can't be good
  64. [INFOREQ] Still epic bugs in 2.2 that adds back previously deleted items
  65. I think this is a bug, 2 West panels in border layou
  66. [FIXED] Architect 2.2 no longer saves the Project Inspector Tree collapse/expand
  67. Complex View takes a very long time to open in Architect 2.2
  68. Architect 2.2 Dialog forms problems
  69. [FIXED] Design View Bug: 2.2 Cannot read property 'buffered' of undefined.
  70. [INFOREQ] [BUG] Version: 2.2.0 Build: 894 Controller disappeared
  71. [FIXED] Cannot access right-hand side of many things
  72. [FIXED] Architect 2.2 missing checkcolumn
  73. [FIXED] URL Prefix setting not taking effect until restart
  74. [OPEN] [2.2.0] Cannot open project over network share UNC path like (\\myserver\foo\)
  75. [OPEN] SA Loader Config (cosmetic)
  76. [FIXED] SA Loose of custom methods
  77. [FIXED] 2.2 after I publish, Cant close window that shows what files were edited
  78. [FIXED] Can not create custom property 'Layout' as object for radiogroup
  79. Scrollbars and popus stop working after a while in 2.2
  80. [FIXED] Architect JS Resource does not Rename / Detect case change or update
  81. [FIXED] xcopy modal popup does not close (and other modals too...)
  82. [OPEN] Sencha Architect 2.2 Yet another proxy with authentication problem
  83. What is the best way to attach a DataItem class to a DataView using Architect?
  84. [INFOREQ] SA2.2 has turned solely into a slow code viewer
  85. Problem creating project in 2.2
  86. [INFOREQ] (File i/o) The Save Project button only saves the current tab (file) in focus.
  87. Sencha Architect 2.2 Cursor always disappear and format lost (leading tabs, etc.)
  88. [CLOSED] JSON Tree Panel rootVisible: false Kills App
  89. Map mapOption wrong conversion
  90. [INFOREQ] you're trying to decode an invalid json string
  91. [FIXED] Loosing JS Resources
  92. TitlebBar can't remove height
  93. [INFOREQ] Serious Nasty Bug / Corrupts File System
  94. [OPEN] NestedList setdDetailCard
  95. [INFOREQ] [BUG] SA 2.2.0 Build: 908 seems to be randomly deleting my controllers and views
  96. [FIXED] Architect 2 Will Not Open
  97. [FIXED] Shortcut for deleting component is crazy
  98. [FIXED] Duplicate component id(s) detected within same view
  99. [FIXED] V2.2 Inappropriate message on publish
  100. Error installing the lastest update for 2.2
  101. [INFOREQ] JS ressources disappear from SA
  102. [FIXED] tab vs spaces to indent
  103. [FIXED] Architect 2.2 (908) treats hideAnimation/showAnimation as strings instead of objects
  104. Project Name Property in App JS
  105. setListConfig NestedList get's lost
  106. [FIXED] Actioncolumn cannot set sortable = false
  107. [INFOREQ] autoLoad bug in tree store
  109. Errors in default REST procedures
  110. App looking for phantom JS files; project corrupted
  111. [DUP] The component id "null" has already been used; ids must be unique
  112. [INFOREQ] SA 2.1 Crash -- Access violation reading location 0x00000eab.
  113. [INFOREQ] SA2.2:908 - locked filter search derp
  114. Different layout between Ext 4.1 and Ext 4.2
  115. [OPEN] Event Bindings for grid view dragdropplugin is missing
  116. [OPEN] Linked classes and events binding...
  117. Exporting MVC components.
  118. [FIXED] Bug in Saving and Sharing Projects guide in the docs
  119. Publish function doesn't run in Windows console anymore
  120. Sencha Architect crashed on my Mac and will not reopen
  121. [FIXED] Entering a simple tooltip string for a menu item
  122. [OPEN] Error when exporting variables with regex
  123. [FIXED] SA EXTJS 4.2 CycleButton menu issue
  124. Sencha Architect error
  125. [CLOSED] Architect removes spaces in object
  126. indexOf of null error when previewing project
  127. [CLOSED] Bug adding mapOptions on map component!
  128. [OPEN] multiple Controller Actions can not reference existing function
  129. [OPEN] an unexpected error occure Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getModel' of nul
  130. Feature Request: Import models and stores from JS files
  131. [OPEN] No align=bottom in HBOX/VBOX container
  132. Feature Request: Abilty to Specify Data Type for a Configuration Value
  133. [FIXED] SA and CMD v3.1.1.274 issue
  134. Unable to create controller / application properties
  135. [FIXED] pack: 'justify' missing
  136. [INFOREQ] Project Inspector Quick Open
  137. [FIXED] Uncaught ReferenceError: Ext is not defined
  138. BUGS: Porting SA project -> 2.2.1 Build: 951
  139. [CLOSED] createAlias and createClass
  140. [CLOSED] Map Options object not parsing input correctly
  141. [INFOREQ] Architect 2.2.1 Build: 951 - Not saving
  142. [DUP] Architect 2.2 generate error in app.html ...
  143. layout suggestion
  144. [FIXED] 945 - Ext.Button UI "Plain" not an option
  145. Sencha Architect behaviour in Mac
  146. [INFOREQ] Architect 2.2.1 [Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getLocalX' of undefined]
  147. [OPEN] Application Action seems not to work in SA 2.2 build 951
  148. [INFOREQ] Project Inspector - Collapse/Expand button
  149. [CLOSED] Bug on changing inputType on a textbox
  150. [DUP] Architect 2.2.1 - genereted code app.html
  151. [CLOSED] Project inspector filter does not refilter when changing focus
  152. [FIXED] Sencha Architect 2.2.1 Build:951, binding an exception event error
  153. SA on Mac restricted to one instance?
  154. [OPEN] Custom components don't filter properly
  155. [OPEN] app.html
  156. Publish creates two folders instead of one
  157. Apple and Android Theme in Sencha Architect 2.2.1 causing issues with Ext.List
  158. [INFOREQ] Version: 2.2.1 Build: 951 Release Channel: 2.2.1-stable
  159. [OPEN] Architect - give option to flip read-only files from within Architect
  160. Sencha Architect is not work on Adroid Device , I just see a title and white screen
  161. [OPEN] sencha architect and ubuntu 13.04
  162. plugins property missing
  163. incorrect style sheet in new ST22 project?
  164. [FIXED] Can't add dot in application's name property
  165. Rendering fails when adding "plugins" property
  166. Double Scrollbar or no scrolling available in a grid within a viewport [ext.js]
  167. [INFOREQ] New Release of Architect doesn't launch
  168. [FIXED] Project Conversion fails with SA 2.2.2b971
  169. [FIXED] Sencha Architect opens blank
  170. 2.2.2 Build 971 - unable to build native app and build is always using packager.json
  171. [INFOREQ] BUG: Renaming view retains old name in the Application views []
  172. [FIXED] Architect 2.2.2 Randomly Removes Objects on Upgrade From 2.2.1
  173. [INFOREQ] Design view doesn't match end result
  174. Sencha 2.2.2:971 Uncaught null getDisplayName - points to framework as problem
  175. Bug when using imported component
  176. Problems with stores, they mix each others data from a common cache
  177. [FIXED] Adding new resource file wipes out metadata for existing resource files
  178. [CLOSED][Known Bug] 2.2.2 Build 971 Ubuntu 12.04 launcher icon
  179. [FIXED] Unable to completely eliminate params in query string
  180. [CLOSED] Project updated to 2.2, everything is gone
  181. Known bugs in Architect 2.2.2 (build 991)
  182. [FIXED] Screen Disappears in WYSIWYG
  183. [OPEN] Sencha Architect doesn't start
  184. Remove anchor property on form fields if user makes mouse movements to change width
  185. DatePicker value code generated incorrectly
  186. [OPEN] Feature Request: Provide ability for json files as resources
  187. [DUP] Ext.data.proxyAjax: An autogenerated constructor with failures Sencha Architect 2.2
  188. Sencha tries to load data while working in store load event.
  189. [CLOSED] Unable to show minimized window on Mac
  190. [FIXED] Architect deleting svn tmp folder
  191. [OPEN] Sencha Architect fails to launch on Mac Lion 10.7.5
  192. [DUP] Invalid JS when adding event to ajax proxy
  193. [OPEN] Architect design view shows nothing
  194. [OPEN] Sencha with ASP.NET MVC WEB API "Windows Authentication enabled"
  195. "See Config Documentation" links are not working
  196. column renderer bug disables successfull Project save
  197. ComboBox and tpl config
  198. Can not spezify model for Ext.data.reader.Xml
  199. Stores are deleted after save
  200. Impossible to set 'layout' config-option of toolbar
  201. [INFOREQ] Can not set ext-all-dev option under library resource
  202. On Save in Version: 2.2.2 Build: 991, need delay on mask
  203. [DUP] build message not support korean language.
  204. [CLOSED] Allow SA project name and it's parent folder name to be different
  205. No feedback on what part of adhoc JS text is invalid (my biggest time killer in SA)
  206. [OPEN] crashes after proxy login/password dialog
  207. [INFOREQ] Upgrade to .991 fails
  208. [CLOSED] Not possible to set isDisabled() function of Action Column items
  209. TreeGridPanel, TreeStore and ExtDirectProxy
  210. IOS Simulator - Simulates crashes
  211. [OPEN] Deleting objects in Project Inspecor
  212. [CLOSED] seems you can't remove a Navigation Bar once set true
  213. [CLOSED] mapOptions wrong save
  214. [OPEN] ErrorReader does not contain required property "model" in Sencha Architect
  215. [INFOREQ] Sencha Architect wont display Data from XML in browser
  216. [OPEN] Using a store in a picker slot
  217. [OPEN] Missing colorSet Property for Gauge Series
  218. [CLOSED] Architect builds for IOS Simulator without the Resources
  219. [DUP] keep getting crash error on dataitem
  220. hard bug to describe / SA constipated
  221. [DUP] Bug in Proxy exception binding code
  222. [OPEN] Canceling every shutdown/logout even without data to save [OSX]
  223. [NOREPRO] Using ListPaging in Architect causes undefined substring error on build.
  224. [CLOSED] Generated app.html is not XHTML
  225. SA 2.2.2 custom field plugin destroys view
  226. SA 2.2 install on x64 CentOS 6.4 fails to run
  227. [INFOREQ] Application node missing from project explorer
  228. [NOREPRO] SA2.2.2 Build: 991 can't open xda file on Win XP SP3
  229. What is wrong building native app to android using SA?
  230. [CLOSED] Indent lost when not using brackets
  231. [FIXED] Bug in project creation or when you add a map to the project
  232. [OPEN] SA Build: 991 doesn't allow to set the format config for NumberColumn to #
  233. [FIXED] Sencha Architect seems failed to start under non-latin user name under Win7 x64.
  234. [OPEN] Permissions for overriden classes
  235. Old plugin code used in 2.2.x project in Architect 2.2.2 Build 991
  236. Weird Behavior regarding app.json
  237. [CLOSED] Problem transforming field to password
  238. Error when trying to upgrade library
  239. Sencha Architect 2.2.2 will not open on my user account but will on a new one.
  240. SA 2.2.2 hardcore class promoting bug or feature request
  241. Dont show Controller or VIew
  242. [INFOREQ] Combobox store issue in sencha architect 2
  243. Internet Explorer 10: Expected ';'. Error because of //@require @package in app.js
  244. Unable to set forceSelection property of combobox to false
  245. [OPEN] Cannot drag Ext.grid.panel with no header in absolute layout
  246. Crash report gray out
  247. bizarre new publish error
  248. Form field with name 'name'
  249. UseComponent on dataview.dataview
  250. Index.html generation problem