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  1. Referencing a controller from an element's event function
  2. Installation nigtmare
  3. Sencha Architect - [Add] doesn't work
  4. Setting Ext.Img image source via CSS
  5. Android native package from Sencha Architect fails to copy icon files
  6. Architect 2.2.1 - Failing to open
  7. DateField - Change 'format' at run time?
  8. How to add a control to form panel via code
  9. Sencha Architect copy tabs
  10. Can metadata created by Sencha Architect being generated on command line?
  11. Kitchen Sink Example as a Project for Architect?
  12. Architect 2.2 and CSS not saving (maybe bug, maybe newbie mistake)
  13. Driving multiple gauges from one JSON data source
  14. Sencha Architect with Sencha Touch 2.2. Ext not found error
  15. First Time w/Architect: Launch and Load List
  16. Multiple Column Sorting in Architect
  17. Security issues using ExtDirect
  18. Firing function from external JS file
  19. Problems when CombBox in a grid
  20. get attributes and values from override class
  21. defining objects
  22. Custom DataView store
  23. autoscroll doesn't display in chrome or safari
  24. How do I get Architect 2 to use the latest ExtJS 4.2
  25. Architect 2.2.2 Build 991 is available
  26. [Feature request] SA and comments personalized at the beginning of each JS file
  27. A starter kit tutorial for travel app
  28. How to see own theme in Architect?
  29. stop auto load of data inside architect
  30. x-scroll-scroller width persists after compile
  31. How to change the legend text for a multi-column chart
  32. Where to get Cmd build 256?
  33. Cell Edit grid
  34. Looking for older versions of Architect?
  35. Any article/blog showing how to combine Sencha Architect with Eclipse?
  36. Is there any way to get rid of sencha architect i installed
  37. Can't sign in with Sencha Id after installation
  38. Rendering custom components in design view
  39. Override Json Writer
  40. Instantiating a Class from a Resource
  41. Reading Pane Change like FeedViewer
  42. How to include a resource folder when native packaging with sencha cmd
  43. basic http authentication with store
  44. ItemTpl function pass parameter
  45. Bind store to carousel - best practices?
  46. Adding a second CSS/JS Resource overwrites the metadata for the first one
  47. Problem with a TreeStore using a DirectProxy
  48. How to override json writer type in sencha architect?
  49. click Tree Panel and show in tab panel
  50. Frustrated!!!!! How to add custom writer in Sencha Architect
  51. Settings the defaults property for all columns in a grid?
  52. Controller doesn't fetch tab event
  53. Sencha Architect quit unexpectedly
  54. Architect 2.2.2 B 971 Failing when there are Visual Source Safe files.
  55. Targets, System Requirements (ExtJS, Sencha Touch)
  56. Multiligual (ExtJS, Sencha Touch)
  57. Sencha architect: how to solve the problem with one controller and multiple instances
  58. Upgrade to Extjs 4.2 project made in architect 2.1
  59. Overlay problem on Android phone
  60. One list multiple stores
  61. Align image in checkbox
  62. Carousel works only 1 time
  63. Packaging App
  64. Sencha Architect Version: 2.2.2 Build: 971 after upgrade, native packaging problem
  65. Dynamic/variable "url" in ajax proxy
  66. [SUGGESTION] Custom property allow a function type
  67. How do I get Architect 2.2? 2.1 is not prompting for the update.
  68. Global Variables
  69. Architect- 2.2.2, Cmd and touch 2.2.0 new project simulate problem
  70. Row Expander
  71. Populate ListView on other ListView itemtap event in Sencha Touch 2
  72. Sharing code between Sencha Architect projects
  73. Setup Sencha Architect 2 to use sandbox
  74. Sqlite and custom query
  75. Model with default values - string error?
  76. about show data on localhost
  77. Import forms (created in ExtDesigner) in Architect project
  78. Getting past the resize / resolution problem.
  79. Linked View - Multiples times in a container
  80. Ext.ux.form.SearchField How To in SA
  81. how to insert data into sqlserver database through sencha architect with user form
  82. XMLStore using a XML String as data
  83. Simulating on IOS with Architect
  84. downgrade architect from build 991 to 971
  85. Overriding Constructor of Container
  86. Timezone different in various browsers ( Chrome / IE )
  87. CSS not applied on deploy
  88. Sencha Touch button within DataView in Sencha Touch 2
  89. Drop Down Menu Plugin with Architect?
  90. Google earth plugin issue please help.
  91. How to add remoting api to app.js
  92. Nested Lists problem
  93. Grid Paging Toolbar issues
  94. Guage Chart Issued with Sencha Touch Mobile
  95. Pie Chart
  96. Adding CSS ressource in architect
  97. issues running citybars application on architect
  98. Alias parameter
  99. Architect + Documentation, How?
  100. How to remove default config values?
  101. Singleton - Undefined value when accessing configs...
  102. architect build errors ruby
  103. Add Data from Editor
  104. How can I set a custom theme for a chart in Architect?
  105. Project marked as dirty when opened
  106. Project always opens in *modified state
  107. sencha app build native (do not build native)
  108. GridBooleanColumn with data first by 0 and 1 but no true and false
  109. Architect 2 stateful
  110. Importing .xdc files?
  111. "Squashed" values in combobox
  112. defaults object transformed to String?
  113. It's possible to disable the store load?
  114. Problem saving app.js
  115. Basic chart fail when I build the app to production
  116. Architect Order Demo source
  117. Sencha Architect 2.2.2 and Sencha Complete Premium Support - 1 Developer Pack
  118. It's possible to create a Model based on a Store?
  119. Suggestion: shortcuts for creation of models, stores and controllers.
  120. dataview on android device
  121. Architect 2.2 not reading JSONP.
  122. Function button
  123. Baffled on Adding my Own JS files
  124. Packaging JS-Resources
  125. Load second grid with associated data - on different card (layout) - on click
  126. problem with native built via Sencha Architect
  127. Reopening Architect Project resets contents after editing code through Cmd
  128. JSON store not loading after update
  129. Merge with svn
  130. Simple Charting Example Not Loading in Browser (Chrome and IE)
  131. Is Ext Designer the old name for Sencha Architect?
  132. Is there an explanation of how to create a window with splitter panels in Architect?
  133. How do I figure out why a preview does not work?
  134. 3D animations
  135. In need of some design advice.
  136. Cascading Selects/Dropdowns with Sencha Architect
  137. How to add a tbar into a Grid Panel
  138. Font size too small in config grid & project inspector
  139. appFolder Question, how to use with Architect
  140. Essential whitespace removed from Ext.map map options
  141. customize the paging toolbar
  142. How to listen to select even in controller
  143. Chackbox in the List
  144. Need to click Publish before Preview
  145. package button is hidden
  146. Is latest Sencha Architect 2 compatible with ExtJS4.1.3 ?
  147. Style is different between browser and architect
  148. How to add a folder structure of custom, non Sencha JS files?
  149. What is "URL prefix"?
  150. What is wrong building native app to android using SA?
  151. Blank Screen
  152. actionsheet fullscreen property?
  153. Conditional checkbox model
  154. How do I point to an Ext.Direct datasource in Architect?
  155. New to Architect
  156. simple display ref
  157. ToolTip on textfield
  158. How do I add tableAttrs and tdAttrs to my table layout?
  159. useComponents config in Ext.dataview.List
  160. Setting up a custom message in presence validation
  161. How do I create multiple panels and add / remove them form a container?
  162. How do I make Text Field after pressing Checkbox hidden.
  163. where is EventBinding in DragDropPlugin (SA2)
  164. Build native app for android
  165. Build Failed: DTiPhoneSimulatorErrorDomain
  166. Problem with List Tutorial
  167. How to "merge" two or more SA projects
  168. About custom vtypes ?
  169. e.onRedraw is not a function when running the builded application
  170. How do I see my stores data within Architect when the project is saved on the server?
  171. How to add and configure the plugin "tabCloseMenu" in Sencha Architect
  172. What does the Sencha Architect Trial include?
  173. Ext.Direct remoting specification failed to load
  174. How to style a toggle thumb?
  175. simple navigation question
  176. GeoExt 2 how to use
  177. tap event on read only text field
  178. forceSelection on combobox not working
  179. HelpingHand - Using itemtap for dataview.List : for Bigginers
  180. Multiple package files in SA, always uses packager.json
  181. Packager outputPath ignored
  182. Help with Google Map Driving Directions
  183. How to upgrade app to Sencha Touch 2.2.1?
  184. SA don't work if launched from the dock
  185. Architect 2 + TabPanel + View Sencha 2.2.1
  186. Error when I Click on a radio button
  187. SA evaluation
  188. Help with Search for specific conditions
  189. initComponent "A function cannot override a reserved member" problem
  190. Render View from App.js into my index.php
  191. Items: Architect can't put items into an instantiated custom container
  192. Downloading Sencha Architect 2.1.0 (build 640)
  193. Custom plugin not working
  194. Simple Navigation View guide from sencha docs isn't working
  195. 2 problems with sencha
  196. Plan to make Architect a web-based cloud platform similar to Cloud9ide?
  197. How to set scope property for a handler function in Sencha Architect ?
  198. Best way to handle store urls?
  199. Why does Architect create a store constructor?
  200. What is ControllerAction.controlQuery?
  201. How can I set the xtype: 'form' in a window
  202. How do I set the base Buttons in a Form?
  203. First field fills the window
  204. Is it faster to just use WebStorm than Architect?
  205. suggestion: when promoting an event to a controller, check for itemid exist and warn
  206. Controller Action vs. Basic Event Bindings
  207. package build problem with Architect
  208. how to show image icons on combo box (EXTJS 4. 2
  209. How to set up a plugin with Sencha Architect 2.2.2 (Ext Js 4.2.x)?
  210. How do I add a custom field for the TreeStore?
  211. How associating Store to View
  212. Planning an app for Desktop and Mobile delivery
  213. How can I do this in SA?
  214. Preferred way of creating components?
  215. Applying a convert function
  216. ItemSelector and MultiSelect vs Sencha Architect
  217. How do I put views, stores, etc in sub-directories?
  218. Adding Google Map to Archtect ExtJS Project
  219. Upgrade project
  220. Sencha Architect project convert to cmd
  221. Change build folder path
  222. login form with json
  223. Internationalization: set component's text using Javascript.
  224. Dismay at dismal "default" property in Architect, and label icons are monotonous.
  225. Adding Ubergrid Component into Architect
  226. In Barchart cannot set corresponding labelField for each yField specified?
  227. could not save Desktop project (1st desktop project - CarListings)
  228. Grid not populating from json store
  229. Children elements aren't show using nested json, Model and hasMany association.
  230. Create a RMB pop-up menu for a tree node
  231. Scroller overflowHandler
  232. Use Local Sencha Touch Files
  233. Unable to Start Architect
  234. Embeding Google Map Component into a List
  235. Upgrade to Touch 2.2 doesn't work!
  236. Learning Pathway has all broken links
  237. What's wrong with my RowExpander plugin? (Take a look at the screen shot!)
  238. Model & view associations - for the millionth time ;)
  239. Validations: How do I add "matcher"?
  240. How to create a custom vtype?
  241. Problem with JsonP
  242. Custom theme load in Architect 2
  243. Code beautify
  244. Binding a form to a row in a grid?
  245. like auto column for grid, is there anything in architect that auto creates forms?
  246. About dynamically loaded components in IE7
  247. Build Directory newbye question
  248. Stores not loading even with offical example projects
  249. Sencha Architect 2.2 and SVN problems
  250. SOAP webserive from architect.