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  1. Generating mvc structure
  2. Facebook Menu/Drawer Navigation/Slide nav
  3. Confused on why Architect uses initComponent for some and not other attributes
  4. Add data via a Form to my Store with my Model?
  5. passing additional config props to init
  6. Using Local Data Storage in Architect
  7. Adding List in NavigationView causes Uncaught Type Error
  8. Architect needs a refresh option
  9. How to float a button top-right in the viewport?
  10. Update rows in a grid to a json store
  11. How do I add a panel I created to a Window's items?
  12. How do I place an action inside a panel?
  13. requires config option in TreePanel doesn't work
  14. How to open a cardpanel from a callback
  15. Google MAP Marker with sencha-touch-all.js from touch 2.2.1 a bug?
  16. Set property convert to null for a field in Model
  17. Define Store as an Object instead of picking from list.
  18. How do I get a renderer on Ext.grid.column.Number in Architect?
  19. How can I set literal data for a tree using Architect?
  20. Problem with login authentication in my app
  21. Please post Architect and Direct example project
  22. add custom function or custom var in initcomponent in view module in Architect Extjs
  23. Globally Disable Overscroll ONLY for Android
  24. desktop sample
  25. Subclass a model in Architect
  26. Does Sencha Architect support xtemplate member functions?
  27. Problem with multiline buttons
  28. loadmask indicator and message not working.
  29. how do you add a defined component to a view
  30. Sencha architect 2.2 build error
  31. Object #<Object> has no method 'set'
  32. How customize the tabbutton's listener from the tabpanel?
  33. Simulator/Build error : Wrapped com.sencha.exceptions.ExBuild: failed running native
  34. Externalize exportPath and urlPrefix
  35. Can someone tell me why my "save" doesn't send the updated data to my backend?
  36. Login Screen Advice
  37. split button:click and show menu
  38. Using the cmd-generated /overrides/ folder in an Architect application
  39. Textfield Mask (Phone format (999) 999-9999)
  40. Touch 2.3 will be supported in the near future?
  41. Using Ext.buildSettings.baseCSSPrefix in Sencha Architect
  42. Why is there a proxy for both the model and the store?
  43. Is there a better way to override my direct proxy in Architect?
  44. Where to put pre-launch checks with option to abort loading app viewport?
  45. Unit testing and loose coupling with Architect
  46. Combox Box in Grid with boundList
  47. Why hyphen is not allowed in project and widget alias?
  48. Best practice for using SenchaCmd + Architect + eclipse(with plugin)
  49. Wish Inspector and Config Panels could be in HBox
  50. Newbie: Move from view to view
  51. How can I have label have HTML formatting
  52. Web Preview Error with "TypeError h is undefined"
  53. Show Ext.Sheet object from Image Event Binding
  54. Superposed themes/icons
  55. CSS Issue in Opera
  56. How to enable code autocompletion in Architect 2.2.2
  57. Setting a Map and adding marker from a Store
  58. Cannot set background of chart to image
  59. Store.sync() does not set a PUT in a rest proxy.
  60. Sencha Architect Registration : Internet failure
  61. Architect only showing first field in Design mode
  62. Inconsistent Error Across Browsers
  63. Add marker to google map on Sencha Architect
  64. Get element in button handler
  65. How do I create and use a custom TreeViewDragDrop plugin?
  66. How do I set copy:true for drag/drop in a tree?
  67. How does architect handle 'requires' , necessary for production build using Cmd
  68. Newbie: Pass data to a nested component
  69. Noob Question: How to Override the default JSON date encoding
  70. Secha architect google maps , views and button problems
  71. phonegap listeners
  72. Sencha Architect 2.2 Program Error
  73. How to handle portrait/landscape orientation layouts in Sencha Architect 2.x?
  74. Controller and custom config property
  75. controller and selectors
  76. Silent printing PDF in EXTJS
  77. Setters & Getters
  78. Sencha Architect &i 18
  79. data from store not showing in list view
  80. Tool click doesn't fire to the controller
  81. Sharing a little of what I learned
  82. I am thinking that I am liking architect a LOT
  83. How to use '@' as a field name for a model
  84. Poor ferformance when working in Architect
  85. Error packaging with Architect 2.2
  86. How do I localize strings?
  87. Sencha Architect &i 18
  88. Extending classes and using them in architect
  89. How can I define additional config properties, with default values, in a Window?
  90. How can I add global JavaScript to all .js files?
  91. How do I create a class scoped variable for a controller in Architect?
  92. When I open Architect generated App in Eclipse "EXT" is undefined
  93. export import component
  94. Chaining multiple projects with seperate URL in architect
  95. How can I duplicate a store/model when creating a tree & grid?
  96. Correct syntax to set combobox default value
  97. use local resources for Sencha Touch app?
  98. Creating an Activity Feed in Architect
  99. List won't display
  100. Please add right-click option to duplicate References in a Controller
  101. change event of combo box gets fired multiple times
  102. packager errors
  103. Combine more proxy-calls to fill a store
  104. How do I perform initComponent() processing in Architect?
  105. How do I create a pop up form from a button or a tool click controller function?
  106. Packager platform property being ignored?
  107. Deploying on Windows 8 phone with Cordova
  108. Panel : Background (image / color) / Cls usage : any easy solution ?
  109. Setting grid date field formats from a variable (or function)
  110. Sencha Architect does not start on Windows 8?
  111. Native packaging produce white page when adding chart
  112. Kitchen Sink Skeleton : lateral buttons control (how to call the right panel) ?
  113. rapport_nikko_on_blur error
  114. Problem getting third party js resources bundled into app.js after packaging my app
  115. Save to Toolbox facility
  116. Please help me with how to pop up a dialog.
  117. Dynamic settings for static properties of classes in SA
  118. How to add external resource with Sencha Architect.
  119. New to Sencha Architect: Help in using Design View to drag and drop components
  120. How to load a html archivo.js to contain a dynamic TabPanel?
  121. My application was running before now its not!
  122. Custom Widgets
  123. Architect and building production application
  124. Display countdown timer on Panel.
  125. integrating Transport for Lndon API with Sencha architect
  126. Config renderTo in Sencha Architect
  127. Styling - 100% width for Android Phones
  129. How to populate a drop down combo box?
  130. Data from XML not displayed in browser
  131. Does Sencha Architect 2 supports Pedometer functions?
  132. Combobox as filter for grid in ExtJS
  133. Error while displaying timer with sencha architect 2
  134. App build on debug mode for android doesn't work
  135. Time Field for sencha architect 2, sencha touch 2.2.x application
  136. Displaying countdown timer for sencha architect 2, sencha touch 2.2.x applications
  137. BlackBerry Application Menus in Sencha Architect 2
  138. Dynamic component and store creation - button press
  139. Target id is not valid.
  140. push list in navigationview
  141. Dataview drag re-order
  142. Assign custom javascript to a Sencha Architect Created button
  143. Creating a pedometer with Seneca architect 2
  144. Is Architect so Fickle? Adding and removing a controller stops simple app working
  145. Populate dataview.List from Two filters from Two different stores
  146. How to create a tree-grid panel (with data) by Sencha Architect
  147. Trouble Working Through the Build Your First Desktop Application Example
  148. Using JavaScript resource for sencha architect 2
  149. Forbidden Access Error
  150. rtmp live video streaming
  151. How to retain information on a panel when navigating to another panel ?
  152. filterBy only returns the last result.
  153. Please help with access to a field inside an associated record.
  154. async operations for updating tables/trees?
  155. Sencha Architect 2.2.2 build 991 Package for production
  156. achitect deleted navigation view byitself
  157. Hot to work Sencha Architect App with Git ?
  158. Sencha Architect Treeview Select AutoRender Makes Layout view becomes empty
  159. Coding with your own IDE
  160. Sencha Architect localstorage not working
  161. Error on packaging of iOS app out of Architect
  162. Sencha Architect 2 with ST 2.3
  163. Restriction text field ...
  164. Object [object Array] has no method 'getSelection'
  165. Trouble displaying ext msg feature on android phone with version 4.1.2 (API 16)..
  166. Trouble displaying ext msg feature on android phone with version 4.1.2 (API 16)
  167. the latest version
  168. What would be the best way to...
  169. How do I add the Sencha 2.3 option to the "Create Project" DDMenu of Architect?
  170. sencha touch in architect how to add a event buffer
  171. Is there an upgrade option from SA 2.2.2 build 991 to SA 2.2.3?
  172. button tap resets to first index of array everytime tap
  173. Dynamic loading for a Store class
  174. Send parameter to PHP ...
  175. Sencha Touch 2.2.x incompatible with 2.1.x
  176. Difficult Questions
  177. How to add a record to an exiting model and then write it to a existing store?
  178. Using Architect 2. 2 has problem with Dataview
  179. Suggestion: Link question mark to documentation
  180. Two Feature Requests
  181. How do you add a record to an empty store.
  182. "A new major update is available"....or not !
  183. Adding custom JS item to a panel (or any widget)
  184. Architect request features
  185. Project upgrade
  186. Drop images from desktop
  187. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined
  188. Using classes that extend a custom class
  189. tpl functions?
  190. Importing files to my project?
  191. Tree leaf nodes are doubled in the TreeView
  192. setting platform-specific values using Architect
  193. Populating a Grid Panel
  194. Showing a Panel from code
  195. Nothing will shop up - Glitch?
  196. Wiring store events to controller methods
  197. Targeting a component
  198. Sencha Architect / Command - Images and IOS Simulator images not loading
  199. How to get Traffic light control in sencha architect?
  200. acceleration to storeformat for charts
  201. How do I make the main file index.htm instead of app.htm?
  202. Is there an easier way to add a status bar to a form?
  203. How to merge two project in sencha architect 2
  204. Check Treepanel expandnode
  205. Sencha application is showing white screen on blackberry simulator and device
  206. Override linked instance Example?
  207. Impossible to retrieve an older version of Architect
  208. Change filter value
  209. Simple script using ExtDirect Pack "Unable to load data from the supplied directFn."
  210. Architect + PhoneGap Plugin
  211. Frequent Requests using JsonPProxy
  212. Centering a component?
  213. Maximum JSON string size for parser?
  214. MVC Controller events in Architect 2.x
  215. Sencha Architect + RESTful servers
  216. initialconfig vs this.getInitialConfig - initial config of objects in architect
  217. Submit form on enter?
  218. Using a custom reader class in Architect
  219. Using components in Sencha Architect, that are not present by default
  220. Using architect in a team
  221. load data from SQL?
  222. Errors when creating testing build
  223. how to change extend of a JsonStore in Architext
  224. I want to use the components available in sencha market in my project in Sen Architec
  225. Adding Google Maps Marker/Pin in Sencha Architect
  226. Using secure connection https.
  227. Standrad theme in Architect 2
  228. "Un-filter" grid?
  229. list itemsingletap event not responding properly
  230. Sencha Architect code window always read only
  231. How to produce a production build of generated Architect code?
  232. Where to download architect 2?
  233. Build in Production mode
  234. Merging Applications?
  235. Model inheritance
  236. Cannot login in "Sencha Architect"
  237. Unable to Login Sencha Architect
  238. pullrefresh build problem
  239. Download Sencha Architect 2.2.3
  240. Image Placement Variables
  241. How to get tree structure in a json
  242. tap listener on List
  243. Local Store (flexible)Chart
  244. How to run Architect 3?
  245. Unable to create new Ext JS 4.2.x project in Sencha Architect
  246. Importing a Container from one Architect project to another
  247. Sencha Architect Version: 2.2.2 Build: 991 modifies project files on opening
  248. Where to put custom fonts?
  249. New to Sencha Architect and LOST!!
  250. Problems configuring a remote real-time search