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  1. Feature request: "Missing Store" > "Dont show again"
  2. import existing view to project
  3. XDS for REST Proxy Example
  4. Controller targetType
  5. Editing the code in the code view
  6. Basic function of Store deleted in Rel. 309
  7. Advice on good patterns for centralized exception handling
  8. adding requires to views (Touch 2)
  9. Importing stores and models
  10. ST2 generated files aren't setup as Designer Projects
  11. Am I able to use prepareData?
  12. Request: Additional grouping idea for customized component config
  13. References to Sencha Touch libraries broken? (Build 311)
  14. Implement Xml Tree Store in Sencha Touch Designer
  15. Sencha Tocuh 2 Grid in Sencha designer beta
  16. ux's SearchField ported to Designer
  17. Deploy improvements
  18. Delegate Event Binding What has changed?
  19. Store sorting / Adding properties via Designer
  20. Edit viewConfig
  21. Edit designed config
  22. How to override 'extend' property or suggestions on different approach
  23. Need the ability to flag a component to NOT be exported / saved
  24. Namespace support (and custom components)
  25. Performance & suggested best practice on how ensure 'override' is loaded
  26. Double-click to open pre-overrides project does not work
  27. Designer overrides
  28. Drawing support
  29. iframe support in Designer 2 ?
  30. It will be more than ... to have more documentation and examples
  31. OO Design in Designer
  32. models
  33. Designer Creates Extended Class
  34. table to model
  35. Feature request: custom VTypes
  36. Feature request: command line deploy
  37. "override" vs "extend" in build 311
  38. How use controllers in Sencha Designer
  39. How do I add non-string custom properties?
  40. JsonPProxy exception event not working on 404
  41. actionMethods in Ajax Store.
  42. Add a computed field on a Model
  43. feature request: Reload button for Ext Direct API
  44. Extend Viewport
  45. Dualscreen issue
  46. Controller inheritance?
  47. Confused: controller launch vs onLaunch
  48. Control over Ext.Loader config options
  49. Colors
  50. Designer 2 Workflow - Possibility to use Designer & Texteditor
  51. Designer exited with an error null, lost all the work done
  52. How to set xtype in views and refs/control in controllers
  53. show and calculate fields from three associated model like sql statement
  54. Code Completion
  55. How to use Carousel
  56. Create a link to another view
  57. handler function for onItemDisclosure
  58. Ext Designer trial installation: "A communication error has occured"
  59. What is the keyboard shortcut for Component Config Focus?
  60. How to build first_app example from touch2 docs in the Designer?
  61. Splash Screen and Redirect
  62. Proxy URL suggestion
  63. Static List
  64. Feature Request: Allow class name change property, highlight changes from default
  65. Using Ext.Loader.setConfig to set disableCaching : false
  66. Here's how to make properties intelligent and override Designer controlled properties
  67. Using a controller with a Store
  68. Create tab using existing template
  69. Designer 2 POST data to server failing
  70. Ext.carousel.Infinite
  71. Designer issue with Grid Panel component
  72. UI Suggestion on moving stores out of toolbox
  73. How to work with grid's RowBody feature within designer?
  74. Designer embedded editor's poor coloring
  75. Controller Reference is undefined
  76. Designer 2 build: 337
  77. Cant Open Software
  78. newValue String at change listener
  79. Designer 2 latest build (337)
  80. Login Form
  81. [SOLVED]Panel style
  82. auto model possible based on JSON feed?
  83. Designer 2 - Touch 2 and Touch Charts
  84. How to configure dynamic src
  85. can't add detail card in nestedlist
  86. Where is minify?
  87. Last Update changes.
  88. Intelligent Properties Add-On for Sencha Designer
  89. Designer 2 crashes regularly
  90. Unable to display data in dynamically created grid
  91. Advanced NavigationView Functionality
  92. Can't Deploy after Upgrade to 341
  93. Project upgrade error message
  94. Editor config option using row editor plug in
  95. Previous Builds of Designer 2
  96. Sencha Touch 2 Controller control
  97. What I cannot do with Controller and Designer..
  98. Feature Request: Model Generation and more
  99. Sencha Touch 2 Ext.map mapOptions
  100. Custom Events
  101. Sencha Designer 2.0.0 how use components based DataView
  102. Missing store after update: How to pinpoint
  103. Trying to complete the carstore example with Sencha Designer 2
  104. How To : Update Designer behind a proxy that request authentication
  105. How to import Sencha Touch 2 app into Sencha Designer 2
  106. Error when trying to Simulate app
  107. Defining and using functions in templates
  108. Feature Request: Controller Action Target Type Includes User Defined Class
  109. Using third-party components in Designer
  110. Meet the List component in Designer
  111. Partial use of Designer?
  112. Trouble using iconCls on a button
  113. Strange issue with treeview loading data
  114. Feature request: Support for Ext.picker.Date
  115. Adding Array Store
  116. Creating a Singleton Class in Sencha Designer
  117. NavigationView & Controller Reference Issues
  118. initComponent alternative
  119. carstore example with designer 2.0.0: Where is the "Grid Panel" ?
  120. Open previous beta 2.0 project
  121. Can't set SDKTools v2 Path in Windows
  122. Convert to action from Store event
  123. Designer 2 Build 353
  124. Using a custom proxy in the designer
  125. Designer 2 Build #355 - released 4/2/2012 - Feedback wanted!
  126. Firing non custom events - work arround
  127. Portal layout with Sencha Designer
  128. pressedButtons usage
  129. Copy and Paste between projects
  130. Date value: new Date()
  131. Why app.html/.js? Now, my actual app gets broken on every deploy...
  132. Internationalization
  133. Unable to load data value in simplestore dynamically
  134. just updated to newest build, and my controllers all have an extra comma
  135. GMapPanel
  136. Facing Problem in Navigation
  137. dynamic store proxy url
  138. Designer 2, in preview I got : Object not found
  139. why panels one over the others
  140. Layers GUI feature
  141. deploy suggestion
  142. Component Extension
  143. Problem adding new Store to project
  144. Drag/Drop Zones using Designer 2
  145. Issue with Simulate
  146. Feature Request: Config Filter Applied When Switching Objects
  147. View inheritance - Widget Base
  148. Arbitrary namespaces in designer
  149. Editing the files outside of the designer
  150. Promised Workflow?
  151. Build 360 - Code view
  152. Help with designer and direct
  153. Basic function comments
  154. Confused on Saving behavior
  155. Adding find capability to code editing
  156. Sencha Designer custom widgets
  157. History Support?
  158. auto expanding project inspector when selecting item on design surface
  159. function definition in component not being found
  160. 2 things in the new designer
  161. Tutorial Which can give me step by step guide
  162. iOS Simulator moved, not found by Sencha Designer
  163. Deailng with merge conflicts in metadata files
  164. SDKTools V2 installed: False
  165. How can session timeoute be handled?
  166. Role base load of application component, is there a best practise fr this
  167. Paralell developments, is this possible with designer?
  168. Displaying a list in panel
  169. DTO to ExtJs model translator
  170. how to create a package?
  171. Datepicker - Value and Events issue
  172. How to set actionMethods and extraParams for store
  173. Help with designer and direct
  174. Adding Project to Source Control
  175. Loadin data to a form
  176. Switching views using a button
  177. Re-order Controllers Load
  178. What are the .xda files?
  179. Renaming all the items in Sencha Designer
  180. Initial view not appearing when deployed to Simulator
  181. Problem with Sencha designer beta update task
  182. How to save data in local storage
  183. CityBars Call Button
  184. Prevent controler from catching events when wiew is not instantiated
  185. border layout - want 4 equal panels
  186. Adding 'requires' in Views
  187. Validate SSL certificate
  188. Bug in Sencha Designer 2 when using Button Handrer Vs. Listener
  189. CityBars with Map Markers
  190. Designer limitations I run into
  191. Problem in my App based on Carstore exemple for Designer 2
  192. Problem decoding JSON string
  193. NavigationView and Pushing problems
  194. Reuse of top level components and event handling
  195. How to update application specific variable
  196. Calling Application Basic Functions
  197. NICE TO HAVE: Sub-Folders for Views and Stores
  198. NICE TO HAVE: Descriptive Text for objects
  199. Source control / custom plugins
  200. Importing ExtDesigner 1.x projects?
  201. Designer 2 Build #374 Release 12/04/2012
  202. Store/Restore orientation settings in Designer Project
  203. How to set additional require statements to classes
  204. How to bind logic to template Markup
  205. interface idea - validators on modelfields
  206. how to debug (breakpoint) Sencha Touch 2 apps when developing on Sencha Designer?
  207. itemTpl Functions
  208. Buffered basic functions (Feature Request)
  209. Dynamically load my data
  210. How to pass store to a view and set itemtpl from a controller
  211. Project Inspector: Left or Right?
  212. Create a (global) basic function
  213. Data Mapping nested fields for a Json Store
  214. About controller references
  215. Feature Request: OAuth Proxy
  216. Properties for Ext.form.Panel
  217. Code view is read only
  218. Beta access ended.
  219. Desiger do not upgrade, I am still on build 268
  220. Project Inspector - Collapsible sections for functions, refs, etc
  221. pointing SD 2.0 beta to extjs 4.1.0-rc3
  222. Accessing form variables
  223. panels collapse, do not expand
  224. Custom component problem
  225. Sencha Designer is now Sencha Architect
  226. Opening an existing project into Architect?
  227. Small Issues with Installing Sencha Architect
  228. trying to register Architect 2
  229. Deploy Error in Sencha Architect 2.x
  230. Two Suggestions for Sencha Architect 2 (when everyone has gotten some sleep)
  231. relationship between Architect and SDK?
  232. Architect project broken after upgrade
  233. External resource - Where is it now?
  234. Problem with CityBars demo app
  235. ExtJS 4.1 and SA
  236. Sencha Architect 2 vs Wavemaker
  237. Preview Browser and unnecessary windows
  238. Tab Panel Docking in Sencha Architect
  239. Controller tutorial?
  240. Code Editor?
  241. Compass and Sass.
  242. ER : Framework Version Settings
  243. SA, Sencha Touch licensing
  244. Selectfield picker component v overlay list scrolling
  245. can we generate a Apk File from sencha designer
  246. setting layout:{ padding: 5} ?
  247. New customer license question
  248. Disable NavigationBar in NavigationView?
  249. setURL on a proxy?
  250. Hot to add class config members