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  1. List does not show json items
  2. How to change filter encoding / override json proxy?
  3. Doubt controllers
  4. Setting Up the Application Node - how?
  5. Custom Events
  6. call sort on grid column after grid initially loaded
  7. sencha command prompt
  8. Native App
  9. Initial view pushing a navigation view
  10. How to position a toolbar at the bottom (dock=fbar)?
  11. Error Report
  12. Action Property for elements in Achitect?
  13. How to save changes in grid t file?
  14. Placing additional header comments in the source files
  15. Your 30 day trial has expired
  16. "405 Method not allowed" error
  17. Extjs - setting data to texfield from xml file
  18. List with Data from more than one Model
  19. Option to generate and use CoffeeScript
  20. TextAreaField pops out of position in Android Browser
  21. Button tap isn't fire an event
  22. "data" property of ListView
  23. How should I upgrade SA to use 4.1 Ext Js library and documentation?
  24. Controller and linked classes issue
  25. Dynamic user interfaces
  26. How to load stored json data into Property Grid
  27. City Bars Sample --> no navigation on list tap
  28. Setting the value for a date field in architect
  29. Introduction to Views in Architect Documentation problem
  30. Addition to FAQ
  31. BaseUrl variable for store in Architect
  32. Add html in container
  33. What is best practise for event management in architect?
  34. Integrating Facebook Login to the app
  35. Problem with Daniel Gallo simple Twitter App
  36. how to integrate this with my app developed Architect
  37. Build Your first mobile App - Second time push a main level entry nothing happens
  38. url prefix not working
  39. Build Sencha Touch Forms in Architect -- login.php
  40. Automatically select 1st item in Combobox (trouble with async load)
  41. Tutorials - Using Navigation View
  42. Model Names do not allow spaces
  43. Deploy should have a .ignore file
  44. Tutorials - Using Navigation View does not work in iOS simulator or iPhone
  45. How can I use refs in control actions?
  46. Show app colors in Sencha Architect
  47. How to set pageParam to undefined using Architect?
  48. Delete Link in Linked Instances
  49. How to retrieve the URL from the xml Reader?
  50. dynamically load external project
  51. Media File Extension Issues
  52. How to use Architect with Touch with Tab to show a built in icon in Tab Panel ?
  53. model mapping problem
  54. Architect with Touch -- how to create event/code for tab button switch to new card
  55. Firing Custom Events from UI components
  56. How to specify the listConfig for a combobox in Architect
  57. Sencha Architect2
  58. Is extjs 4.1 backward compatbale with extjs 4.0
  59. Store cannot be found.
  60. Help coding event bindings.
  61. Promote To Class: How To Introduce A Local Variable?
  62. Working with multiple controllers
  63. How do I set the webbrowser for preview, links, etc.?
  64. Live Update Charts with Time Axis - Doesn't work
  65. How can I create custom property with custom type
  66. hidden panels in architect
  67. error when usin if...
  68. Themes and sass with Architect
  69. Where to place contextmenu?
  70. Question about MVC design patterns -- separate view components as building blocks.
  71. Error when deploying to simulator: Current working directory is not a recognized...
  72. Working with UTC date, difference between Architect Win and Mac
  73. Drag and Drop between two non empty tree panals
  74. Sencha Architect - Serahc field in Navigation Bar
  75. Ext.data.Record.create fails
  76. User friendliness of Inspector
  77. What Font are used in the editor?
  78. Unable to display second panel with activeitemchange
  79. trap touch event in a panel from architect
  80. FeedViewer-Example not working
  81. edit/change app.html
  82. Treview Drag/Drop
  83. Using Architect and layouts
  84. Architect and non JS MVC Ext projects
  85. child compents not rendering when un-hiding parent componnet
  86. need help doing touch charts with Architect
  87. How do I add a listener to the List?
  88. Controller, views etc are loaded with _dc
  89. How to set favicon?
  90. How to load json data into a form when the project loads?
  91. Titie in toolbar gets dots....
  92. Best practice -- Comboxboxes & Stores
  93. How can get same effect as (iOS) UIModalTransitionStylePartialCurl
  94. Sencha Architect2.0 With ASp.Net MVC Error - TypeError: c is not a constructor
  95. App not showing in Browser
  96. Problem with setting api parameter under Config in Ajax Proxy
  97. Ternary sort using Ext.data.SortTypes
  98. Switching panel on TabPanel click
  99. Will 2.1 Will it have ST 2.1?
  100. Textfield: how to center text and change color (Touch)
  101. Example with a storage master-detail does not work
  102. Open application without webserver?
  103. how to change 'renderTo'-attribute in architect 2
  104. ArrayStore->AjaxProxy what is url config used for ?
  105. Architect 2.1 Released
  106. TabPanel custom icons display on local web browser, but not when run on iPhone.
  107. forms XML Reader not initialized
  108. Need to reinstall where can I get Architect 2.0?
  109. architect 2.1 and neptune
  110. 2.1: Overrides included within a class are loaded async - not good for builds
  111. Architect 2.1 Doesn't Run Preview in Fedora 16 with KDE
  112. [CLOSED] Accidentally downloaded 32 bit instead of 64bit
  113. beta test
  114. Architect 2.1 Upgrade Strangeness......
  115. How to listen to the load event of a store in Architect?
  116. Rest Proxy and RowEditor
  117. Sencha Architect
  118. sencha architect 2 and deploy in windows xp
  119. TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'v.replace(re, '\\' + quote)')
  120. SA 2.1 - TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'r[0][1]')
  121. Revert From Architect 2.1 to Architect 2.0
  122. Help: Generate checkboxfield from store
  123. Architect and custom data readers.....Override?
  124. Developer Needed
  125. How to Add Component(s) to Item Template
  126. Sencha Architect 2.1 Upgrade Error
  127. How to Sencha Architect questions
  128. Multiple Files open at once
  129. Toolbars in SA
  130. when opening app.html it is showing me a blankpage
  131. Assigning options to event handlers in Architect 2.1
  132. Web Service Examples please
  133. reusable Component parameters
  134. Are custom CSS Button icons supposed to show up in SA Design view?
  135. Custom Validators in ST2 / Architect 2.1
  136. video says loading but not playing (Touch)
  137. this.getMainNav() only works in controller?
  138. onListItemTap with Two Lists on different panels (Touch)
  139. List -- how to create simple group header? (Touch)
  140. Adding a Button in DataView in each row based on store data
  141. Sencha Architect License
  142. Bugs of Sencha Architect 2.1?
  143. Creating new Base Class
  144. Problem Previewing CityBars Example App
  145. Design View Issues
  146. A word or warning about 2.1...
  147. SA 2.1 and UX
  148. get rid of query= parameter in rest proxy url
  149. How to convert .xds from ext designer 1.x to sencha architect 2.x
  150. Connection to soap-Webservice
  151. Error in packaging application using Sencha Architect for Android.
  152. groupFn displaying a blue color, how change ? (Touch)
  153. groupFn: how to avoid being called on every screen ? (Touch)
  154. Importing a Custom Component does not replace instances of the component in project
  155. Architect 2.x Does not seem to generate "config" property
  156. Upgrading to 4.1 library
  157. High and dry - Migrating to Architect 2.1 with several active branches
  158. "Loading" mask no longer appears
  159. How to transition between views?
  160. Registration Server down?
  161. Theming
  162. 2.1.0 B2 Charts
  163. Expired?
  164. How set default item section on dataview.list?
  165. set up localStorage to existing Model
  166. Can not build targeting Android (Touch)
  167. How to change xtype of a panel's tools?
  168. Add Spinner to List Item Template
  169. Can not build Android native GS app on Emulator
  170. Define Store / Model to Ext.FormPanel
  171. How do I add Listeners in Sencha Architect?
  172. Android package run problems
  173. Sencha Architect 2 Renaming Component
  174. Form Items Not showing on second time in button click.
  175. Progress Bar in Grid Column
  176. Toolbar title always truncated on Chrome
  177. MVC Controller not receiving autoCreate form button events
  178. Radiogroup and Check Box load from JSON Record
  179. View Another view port in button Click
  180. App Stops Working - Is this a bug in the latest build?
  181. City Bars Example - No controller action after pop
  182. Ext.application launch function question ?
  183. content of project files is missing
  184. citybars completed project files have errors in Sencha 2.1.0 build 588
  185. How to change the font color to white in Nested List
  186. XML & List Problem
  187. Offopic: Apple patents were violated by Samsung, jury rules
  188. Trouble Loading Json to List
  189. Cannot See List Data in Preview
  190. Rest Proxy 405 error
  191. Form looks OK in SA but not in browser
  192. Combo Box design Issues
  193. upgrade my project from a 4.0.7 one to a 4.1.1 one in Architect
  194. Query out of an XML
  195. Touch Chart and Architect
  196. How to add additional info to app.html in architect
  197. Navigation View Back Button in Tab Panel Containers
  198. Issues with populating simple nexted json data into grid
  199. Using kostysh/File-uploading-component-for-Sencha-Touch in Architect
  200. Global Header and Footer
  201. Getting started
  202. Lock resource back
  203. configure default viewport
  204. Problems displaying HTML in Text Area (Touch)
  205. Changing Grid Column dynamically
  206. Connecting architect based app via ExtDirect based PHP/MySQL connection
  207. create portal using sench arch
  208. Grid Soring
  209. Right way to package on Android emulator and devices ???
  210. use config object for e.g getters and setters in ExtJs
  211. portal in sencha arch
  212. How to make custom popup dialog box with image?
  213. Getting a list of active views for controller action
  214. Architect trial has expired
  215. Problems adding Grid Plugin
  216. sencha arch save generates new id in app.html
  217. grid.store.remove(); behavior
  218. Should Architect recognize this JsonP?
  219. Webkit Browser Detection
  220. adding beforesync event on store in extjs project using architect
  221. How do you debug in Architect?
  222. get the reference to sibling panel
  223. appFolder issue and extra params in stores in Architect
  224. Unable to change controller controls with Architect?
  225. Architect with Sencha.io Data sync example?
  226. Context menu
  227. Localizing RadioGroup RadioButtons - how to do that in SA?
  228. dynamic radio group with xtype
  229. Adding a Map to a Tab Panel
  230. Application design wtih localStorage
  231. Anybody have a good link for help on orientations and device profiles for SenchaTouch
  232. Attach the SlideNavigation Project to a Store
  233. Receiving Object not found! when trying Sencha Architect 2 Trial version
  234. Add value in the initial view...how
  235. 401:Unauthorized Error.
  236. Drag and drop, constraining an panel inside another panel, possible?
  237. Check duplicate rows in Sencha Architect Grid
  238. How to access function under Application from controllers
  239. Unable to load store from JSON file in the example.
  240. show new view at click on a nested view Item
  241. How to load sencha-touch-all-debug.js instead of sencha-touch-all.js
  242. How to upgrade project files to newer framework versions?
  243. Is there any documentation or video's on how to create a custom reader with Architect
  244. How to implement new field types so they can be selected within the field properties?
  245. Really basic question -- best practice for shared/global/utility functions
  246. Sencha Architect 2 and SDK 2 beta3
  247. MVC Structure on Architect
  248. Adding an Action to a Header
  249. How to rollback an Architect Upgrade
  250. How to pass the content to div