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  1. Open Touch 2 project in Architect 2
  2. Control design
  3. problem with template (tpl) - Sencha Architect on MAC
  4. Package Android/iOs Application not work ???
  5. Creating a DataView with custom DataItem with Architect
  6. Architect i18n
  7. Add comments to functions
  8. Architect 2.1.0 Build 613 - Any problems..?? should I upgrade..??
  9. "Show configs set by me" feature suggestion
  10. Two questions using ExtDesigner
  11. On tree expand can I load data for the child nodes from different URL??
  12. Multilanguage XML
  13. Error
  14. Problems with spaces Models in SA
  15. Sencha Architect Touch
  16. Image Zoom
  17. problem with timestamp conversion via the model
  18. License issue
  19. Stuck on treeview -> viewconfig -> itemSelector
  20. Can I add existing JS to an empty project?
  21. How do I add "fb-root" to index.html
  22. variable/template/renderer as tab or panel title
  23. How do you initialise a form from data in local storage?
  24. subclass CardLayout in Architect
  25. Horizontally align center app on a browser window?
  26. help on accessing the value of a field from current record
  27. Clarification about Controller 'refs'
  28. How to put /i on format param in grid.column.number
  29. Can't find MultiSelect control
  30. pre-sale question
  31. Tabpanel items does't display.
  32. Showing Blank Page
  33. Sencha Architect + Sencha Charts + Eclipse
  34. push view from nestedList
  35. What is best way to use Architect from two machines.
  36. Is someone able to explain this for me?
  37. Help with the basics
  38. Linked Instance
  39. I can not find where inform the sdk path in settings architect
  40. Ext.Util.Cookies in Touch 2
  41. Event Biding - Basic event not working
  42. How to use the Ext.ux.form.field.MultiMonth component in Architect 2.1 ?
  43. Grid Live search in Sencha Architect 2.1.0 build 613
  44. How to switch rootProperty without making ajax calls again via url?
  45. Tree Panel Setting in Architect 2 Help
  46. Converting Touch 2 demos
  47. convert function for xml data
  48. Grid panel GroupingSummary and feature Summary and SenchaArchitect
  49. Change path to ext library
  50. TreePanel Data and Display Issues
  51. Success with Sencha Architect
  52. Feature Request: Duplicate Controller
  53. Where is onReady()?
  54. Delete an Architect 2 project and delete from the Open Recent Project splash screen
  55. how to config page grid to request refresh page when a column is selected asc/desc
  56. ConvertToAction - best practice? (or leave listener in component)
  57. Container doesn't fit the panel
  58. Selectors vs. findField for form fields
  59. ConvertToAction - best practice? (or leave listener in component)
  60. Sencha Cmd and Secha Architect?
  61. strange behavior offline app ; load from bookmark vs reload with reload button
  62. Can't get FriendUpdates Example to work
  63. Problem installing Sencha Architect 2.1 on Mac os 10.5.8
  64. Where do I set the html <title> tag?
  65. Where do images go?
  66. Ext.panel.Tool can't manually set "type" property
  67. Latest installed SA version gives version error
  68. How do I edit viewConfig in Architect OR make Architect load my text editor changes?
  69. Architect + Desktop Packager
  70. I bought a license 10 days ago and I have not received the activation code yet !
  71. Change javascript in Architect, or from a external text editor.
  72. On orientation change using Architect.
  73. Sencha architect - how to pass parameters to store from form/window
  74. i18l for buttons and labels, etc
  75. Help Tab Bar button Tel and Email
  76. How to use custom type in Model
  77. Better examples for database connectivity
  78. How to reformat combo box data
  79. How do I add a button to a grid action column ?
  80. How do I add CSS file in Architect?
  81. How to transfer architect ownership?
  82. How do I use device profiles in Sencha Architect?
  83. Looking for Sencha Developers
  84. Delete a row in a grid in Architect
  85. HOWTO - reformat data sent from server at the Store
  86. Sencha Architect 2.1.0 Build 633 Crash
  87. Linux has later version than windows!
  88. Adding Sencha Animations in Sencha Architect
  89. Correct place to override json reader
  90. Space between Dynamic Controls
  91. html link for show modal container
  92. Grid filtering using Sencha Architect
  93. Work width modules
  94. How to Set Framework to local
  95. Looking for good example of extending classes (override textfield for example)
  96. FriendUpdates Example two errors
  97. CarListings Example json error/problem
  98. Feature Request - ESC to close a window
  99. window/floating panel owned by tab
  100. Carousel autoscroll inside panel
  101. HOLY #!%&$, you took away a feature(promote to class on grid columns)
  102. help upgrading extjs library
  103. from desktop/extjs project to touch/mobile with architect?
  104. imageview URL, help....??
  105. statics config in Architect
  106. Add sub folders/packages in Architect
  107. ¿Create and populate a custom table from mysql?
  108. remote vs local data access
  109. Architect and SQL
  110. How can I import a project into Architect that I've created from commandline?
  111. Trouble checking for a Datasource being loaded using isLoaded function
  112. How to import Ext Js into Architect?
  113. crucial tutorial needed
  114. adding onUpdated to Ext.Application
  115. Posting Data from Websql to server
  116. How add custom summaryType in Architect...
  117. Ext.picker.Date in Sencha Architect
  118. Create pacakge from out Architect
  119. Set extraParam - Array
  120. Header inside a header has sorting disabled in grid
  121. Google Maps in a Ext JS 4.1.x project
  122. Uncaught TypeError in Architect
  123. project internationalization with Sencha Architect 2.0.0 and ExtjJs 4.1.2
  124. Native iOS packaging and deployment troubles
  125. Adding a Sencha Architect to WebDesktop Example
  126. Add TAP/CLICK event to IMAGE component
  127. hide address bar?
  128. How to get access to the data in other Tabs
  129. Architect 2.1 - How to change from Ext JS 4.0 to 4.1?
  130. List ItemTap Event Fails On Subsequent Viewings of ListView
  131. Problems activiating architect 2
  132. Ultimate SQLite storage question
  133. Installing Sencha Touch SDK on Windows
  134. Use Local Sencha Touch Files
  135. list itemtap, get beck to number 56 in list ??
  136. How to reference an array
  138. Architect cannot find SDK
  139. How to get a plugin to work in Architect
  140. getting error setting image data
  141. How to edit application 'config'? (Sencha.io example)
  142. Deploy in Sencha Architect 2 is anemic
  143. Extending Toolbar library for team
  144. How do I get support from the Sencha company on the Architect product?
  145. link component in sencha architect
  146. Synchornizing/Refreshing Sencha Architect with manual changes
  147. Best practice for J2EE application develpment using extjs and Sencha Architect
  148. Modify the setting in Sencha Architect
  149. Templates in Sencha Architect for development
  150. Error while opening Designer project with Architect
  151. Binding to NestedList Component from Web Service
  152. Conditional Configuration in ExtJs4 using Sencha Architect.
  153. Adding fields to a FieldSet dynamically using Sencha Touch Architect
  154. Concurrent Development using Sencha Architect
  155. Unable to establish internet connectionto begin software registration..
  156. sencha architect download not working
  157. Theming not available in Sencha Architect?
  158. Diving in to Sencha Architect and am trying to replicate a Border Layout with no luck
  159. Table Layout question/help
  160. ext designer mvc ?
  161. How does one get access to data and components in other tabs?
  162. ST2 navigationview backbutton
  163. Putting a Container into a tab panel after-the-fact
  164. Upgraded Sencha Architect -- App now blank white screen
  165. Help: How to create a column with check box cells.
  166. SASS compile the apple.scss- and the layout changed..??
  167. Why aren't there Actions in the Application Config?
  168. Large project with 100s of views?
  169. Font size in Sencha Architect.
  170. Import Sencha Touch app to Sencha Architect
  171. creating native apps
  172. Sencha Touch 2.1?
  173. deployment with all scripts combined into one file
  174. Create Override question
  175. build app using Tools Beta3 not working
  176. Architect's Toolbox doesn't belong to the project
  177. Grid panel with paging toolbar and linked class
  178. Discussion, Best Practices for Source Control with Architect in a team environment.
  179. Avoid allow get Location Alert on App startup
  180. Architect, EXTJS4 MVC and liferay
  181. Architect 2 and SenchaCmd 3 sitting on a tree.....
  182. PieChart using MVC not displaying results
  183. Cannot Load Store Data in Browser
  184. Custom base classes in Architect
  185. Architect 2.1 does not allow wildcard in requires
  186. image with tooltip
  187. How to put the Ext.plugin.PullRefresh on the bottom of the list?
  188. Where to add onReady function in Sencha Architect 2?
  189. Project application title within Sencha Architect 2
  190. Store.GetCount & Click Event [Help]
  191. Load Specific Record from Store Into A View (template)
  192. Architect + Sencha Cmd
  193. Deploying sencha touch application into mobile device (android)
  194. How to define multicolumn layout in Sencha Architect
  195. Web services in Sencha Architect/Sencha Touch
  196. [Feature Request] Architect and JSDuck
  197. Possible bug in grid or is it my fault?? [HELP]
  198. Overriding initComponent
  199. Grid Filtering Example Ported to Sencha Architect 2 - use of overrides example
  200. invoke a function defined on a templated column
  201. Setting Up Sencha Architect
  202. Error while creating package.
  203. single quotes in config property values
  204. List view navigating to a detail view
  205. Controller Action Function Parameters
  206. Sencha architects how to add a chart?
  207. White screen
  208. Windows/Forms: loadForm() works but cannot updateRecord(), record not defined (HELP!)
  209. reconfigure() in Architect
  210. Chrome Rendering vs. Safari Rendering Issue
  211. White Screen when loading up
  212. Sencha Architect and Sencha Cmd V3
  213. Android Packaging walkthrough
  214. Sencha Architect 2.1 - The toolbox disappeared and unable to get it back
  215. Packaging an Architect project
  216. Sencha Architect build 640 keeps updating
  217. Request: Improve Usability of Model Validations
  218. External XML
  219. Licensing question
  220. Validate query expression
  221. Over Ride select field
  222. Error message useless
  223. Any way to not deploy app.html and to rename app.js?
  224. Sencha Architect with Norton Endpoint Protection
  225. How to include 'ext-debug' instead of 'ext-all-debug' in Architect?
  226. Newbie Question > Render Panel only if condition is true
  227. Custom components
  228. External CSS not deployed in iOS-Simulator or iPhone
  229. Portable Application?
  230. Sencha Architect editor font
  231. Static Function
  232. Full Screen
  233. Architect 2.1 Build 670 with Touch 2.1 and Cmd 3.0 Support
  234. Configure dynamic columns in gridpanel
  235. list scrollable=false doesn't work
  236. Do Architect and new Cmd v3 put app.js in the same place?
  237. Architect install is hanging
  238. How to delete an item using the "Checkbox Selection Model"?
  239. Install Sencha Architect on multiple machines?
  240. ComboBox how to add more element (option) tag to the existing in the list.
  241. Looking for a book on Sencha Architect 2
  242. Sencha Architect 2x - appFolder Question
  243. Sencha arquitect navigationview
  244. Sencha Architect buttons, headers, combobox, and the like
  245. Wakanda
  246. Override and config issues
  247. Cannot configure Sencha cmd
  248. White screen when launching sample app from ios 6 home screen
  249. Is it possible to make sencha touch kichen sink?
  250. center the title of a panel