View Full Version : [FIXED-161] 3 buggy situation while store deletion

6 Jun 2010, 10:28 AM
first, when you try to delete a store, it doesn't confirm me you're sure or not... with or without fields, bound or not to a component...

second, after deletion, undo feature fails... it does nothing on stores, you can switch to component tree and undo delete but you cannot undo delete on store...

a third one is simply a layout problem, i think. just start a new project. place a grid to canvas, add a store then delete it, grid disappears. when you switch back to component tree it comes back. i think when you delete a store, it looses chosen root component.

if you click back to empty canvas before switching to component tree, grid doesn't come back. you need to select it from the component tree...

7 Jun 2010, 4:56 AM
The store needs a confirmation for delete, thanks for reporting this. The second issue is simply a side-effect of deleting the store. Undo won't work when you delete a "top level" component, which is what a Store is. Top level components maintain their own undo/redo history. When they are deleted, so is their history...so a confirmation needs to be put on there.

The third issue is one I've experienced as well...you are correct that it looses focus on the last selected component in the Component tree.

I'll open a ticket. Thanks!