View Full Version : How to control sortable in Grigcolumn

7 Jun 2010, 11:16 PM
I am using the designer and created a editorgrid, all of the columns are generated with sortable: true. I can't find any place in the designer gui to set it false. If I modify the generated code then I can no longer use the designer without over-riding the resulting definition.

Second question: Does each page need to be a seperate "project"? If that is the case then project is a bit miss-leading.

I am very impressed with Ext and the designer.


8 Jun 2010, 4:17 AM
sortable is missing at the moment but will be in the next release of the Designer. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No each page doesn't need to be a separate project. A project is just a combination of components designed by you. Each exported component, currently, are the components at the "top level" or "root level" of the Component tree. There are features coming up allowing you to split/trim the Component tree at any level...in other words, you'll be able to "promote" any child component to the top level, making it an exported class of itself. Likewise, you'll be able to save components to your Toolbox for re-use in other projects, or export components to share among colleagues.

So frankly, no, your projects are just a grouping of components you want to export. You take those exported components, import them to your project in your IDE of choice, and go from there. The Designer isn't limiting you in how you use your exported components in any way.