View Full Version : TextField setValidate

16 Jun 2010, 3:12 AM
I am facing some problems while validating the content of the text field

I know that custom Validator will be called only if setAllowBlank(true) is set. This will work fine.

I have 5 TextFields in a FormPanel,

I am explaining about my application
A grid will show the list of persons with their contact details, add,edit, delete facilities are provided
Each row of grid is a ContactBean which is extended from ModelData

I am using FormBinding to add/edit the contact details

by doing like this, if i set AllowBlank(false) at the initial itself the field shows invaild message ( while binding itself) not only at lostfocus and form sumbit.

Because of that reason i can set AllowBlank(false), but still i want a custom Validator to be called.

Anyone please help me