View Full Version : Automatic height of Portlets

16 Jun 2010, 4:56 AM

When using a portlet container is there any way to automatically control the height or is the idea that the height of a portlet is fixed?

For example say I had a portal with two vertical columns. Say the first column contains three portlets and the second column is empty. In that case I would like each portlet in the first column to take up an even share (one third) of the height of the portal.

Now support I dragged and dropped one of the portlets from the first to the second column. There are now two portlets in the first column and one in the second. In this case I would like the height each of the portlets in the first column to be 50% of the portal and for the portlet in the second column to be 100% the height of the portal.

I don't really understand how to achieve this at the moment as I don't know how to apply the normal layouts to a portal.

Can anyone help?