View Full Version : TabPanel: setUrl to .NET page vs YUI-Ext View + XMLDataModle

5 Dec 2006, 11:54 PM
YUI is so wonderful that I do not want to use other AJAX framework any more. I am trying to add a tabpanel to the YUI-Ext feed viewer example to its center region. To update the activated tabpanel content, I have two choices:

1. use YAHOO.ext.View + YAHOO.ext.grid.XMLDataModel
2. use tabpanel setUrl method to setUrl to an existing .NET page. I noticed, if I am not wrong, the tabPanel setUrl use the YAHOO.ext.UpdateManager.BasicRenderer to render content from the specified Url.

In the server side, the data retrieve will be identical. Assume each page (each tabpanel content) only contains 20 items (20 rows). Which of the above two ways will have better performance in client side? I believe the difference between then in server side is minmum.

Thank you.