View Full Version : clarification on what/where is ext.ux

22 Jun 2010, 5:14 PM
I obviously am new to extjs have been developing some code and searching for examples etc. and I found a number of examples that refer to ext.ux. Am not sure but it seems that this is a way to extend basic ext library and there is no single repository for these contributions.

I found http://www.sencha.com/deploy/dev/examples/spinner/spinner.html and it refers to Ext.ux.spinner ... but I have no idea where to find these (other than the links on the page).

Is there something I should be reading to get the basic background on how to use all these great tools?



23 Jun 2010, 12:54 AM
Ext.ux. is a namespace that contains User created extensions to controls, classes etc. There are a few places to read about User extensions, mainly the User Extensions & Plugins Forum (http://www.sencha.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?42-Ext-User-Extensions-and-Plugins) , the Official Site's Page (http://www.sencha.com/learn/Ext_Extensions) and also Saki (http://www.extjs.eu/docs/)has a good reference of them.

Basically to use a User Extension all you have to do is reference the necessary files in your html and then use there xtype.