View Full Version : ExtJs Grid + Using Multiple types of ColumnModles and Views in a Grid

23 Jun 2010, 2:33 AM
Hi All,
This is Rakesh and i'm totally new to ExtJS.
I have a requirement where in i need to use a grid with the grouping, locking and search plugin/filter options. Even though i could not find perfect example for the filter stuff, for the grouping and locking features i have found very good examples.

Now my concern is how do i implement all these features in a single grid. Those examples demonstrated how to achieve each of those features individually but when i try to implement all of them in a single grid, i cannot do that as we can have only one type of ColumnModel or one type of View per Grid.

I have found an online example where in they used lockingGroupingGridView but the column model is taken as Locking due to which in the column headers lock option is there but the Group option is missing.

So can any one provide me a simple example in which we have all those features implemented in a single grid.

Also i would like to have these features in a simple js grid WITH OUT any server side scripting like PHP.
In case if we cannot achieve it with out server side scripting, then please suggest an example using JSP.

Also if any one can provide me an example of Search Plugin with out serverside scripting, then i would be really thank ful