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6 Dec 2006, 8:04 AM

OK.. so I want to break with tradition using JSBuilder 1.1. I used the supplied SVN resource builder to make a nice yui-ext.css file with all the kids in the family. I want to locate the result in my assets/css/yui-ext directory for easy inclusion in my project. No problem there. The build lets me know my images are to be found in ../images/ however. I would prefer to locate my images in yui-ext/ along with yui-ext.css though... how can I change the build project file or build GUI parameters to do this?


I noticed from within the build file.. images are referenced like this inside a <file> tag

name='images\grid\done.gif' path='images\grid'

Do I have to rearrange the source file structure? I would prefer to just do an SVN update on yui and then run my builds, without modifying how the files are layed out. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

6 Dec 2006, 8:36 AM
At the moment, you're somewhat constrained to working within the parameters of your physical file layout. That's actually the whole reason that the scripts and resources are currently built with two separate .jsb files. This is already on our list of things to improve in 1.2. Our goal is to make it more like an IDE, where you can define your project structure however you want and simply map files into it, regardless of where they are located on disk.

Until then, there's not an easy way to do what you want unless you're willing to go the Ant route, in which case you can simply have the build script move your output files around however you want after JSB has finished.