View Full Version : Bar chart layout and tooltip?!

25 Jun 2010, 2:12 AM

I have 2 question related to ext gwt charts!

I’m using charts with let me say BarChart(BarStyle.GLASS) , and my question is:
Can we set the space between the Bars to 0 = “null” value?!
my thinking is that should be possible because if we add more then one chartConfig to the
chart from the same BarChart(BarStyle.GLASS) then for every even values of this barcharts the in between space is null?!

And my next question is for the pattern of the bar tooltip:
I know that we can set the BarChart.setTooltip("somestaticText#val#"); where the #val# is the default value, but is there any possibility to
make this dynamic , something like BarChart.setTooltip("{0}#val#"); where this value will be changed dynamically dependent to the bar?!