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27 Jun 2010, 1:20 PM

I have a project in Designer with a fairly deep nesting of various
panels and containers. The project renders correctly in the designer
as well as in the preview window.

However once I export the project and try to view it in a browser,
it does not render correctly.

In particular, it looks like the rendering 'stops' at some particular
'level'. Every subsequent manual browser resize causes the rendering to proceed
further. After about 3 manual browser resizes, the project renders correctly.

I am seeing the same behavior in Chrome, Firefox and IE, although
the specific point at which the rendering 'stops' is slightly different.

The only error I get on export is that my grids do not have stores defined.
Since I am using this initially as a prototyping tool, I am trying to
get this to work without a server side. Does one HAVE to have stores
defined to get the export to render correctly without manual
browser resizes?

Any insights?


28 Jun 2010, 6:02 AM
Hi Ranjit,

Yes a store is required for GridPanels. It doesn't need to load any data necessarily, but it needs to be defined and attached to the GridPanel. In the Designer canvas & preview, we have a dummy store that is defined and loaded, but it's not exported with the project code.

Hope that helps.

29 Jun 2010, 7:50 AM
I just ran into a similar problem with nested tab panels.


Designed team: A "Validate/Fix overnesting" button would be very helpful in the designer

eg. replace panels with only one element in them with the contained element.