View Full Version : SessionStateProvider - interest?

30 Jun 2010, 9:03 PM
I've been exploring the new HTML5 web storage capabilities lately - mainly sessionStorage and localStorage.

I was considering contributing a SessionStateProvider that would extend Ext.state.Provider, so it would manage state in the sessionStorage area (unique to browser session). It could fallback to the default Provider cache (js object) if not available. This would allow greater use of the stateful components without exceeding the cookie limit if you have a lot of Ext components on your page (not to mention avoid weighing down the HTTP requests with a bunch of junk through cookies for Ext state...). It would also enable component state to be unique to each browser session (for good or bad!)

Any interest out there for this? I know the roadmap for ExtJS 4.0 includes some HTML5 storage support, but until then...

If there's some interest, I'll finish off the sessionStorage provider and consider one for localStorage (across sessions, could also use some other options if that isn't available).

Please speak up if interested. Thanks!!!!