View Full Version : Grid in Nested Layout

1 Aug 2007, 7:57 AM
My HTML Page looks like this

<div north>

<div west>
Side bar1

<div Centre >
Editable Data Grid

<div west>
Side Bar 2

<div south>

side bar1 and side bar2 are collapsable .
when i collapsed side bar 1( i.e West Grid gets align to left of the Page)
when i collapsed side bar2 (i.e East Grid is not getting Aligned to Right grid is not covering whole page , its occupying a fixed length even though i removed grid panel width and height)
I am attaching the screen shots when left grid collapsed (left colllapse) how its behaving and when rigth bar collapsed (right collapse)how its behaving

Please guide me or help me i very near to my deadline