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8 Jul 2010, 6:15 AM

I am looking to prototype a whole bunch of forms, and the Designer provides a simple solution to do this! I am looking to make it as easy for me as possible to design, export and then program the different actions...at a later stage.

Anyway I have attached an image for a toolbar feature! It is meant to allow me to enter a text, then click the "tab" key and an event is fired! I will figure that one later hehehe..!

But also it is meant to allow me to step through records from the starting point of the entered text, as well as have two other buttons for "search" and "new record" based on the text entered..!

Long story short - I am stuck on a normal design feature...! If I use the next, back, last and first buttons - I can use the iconCls config and use "x-tbar-page-next" class. It shows the button in the designer!

But then I tried to add the class for the search button and the new button..! I tried "x-form-search-trigger" but it does not work! The buttons do not show (nor in the preview)..! So then I wanted to use my own class, but now I am scratching my head on how to add a stylesheet file so I can use my own stylesheet!

What are the suggestions?

By the way in the image the top bar is what I want to see, and the bottom bar is what the designer shows...! ;)

Thank you in advance..! :)

8 Jul 2010, 11:58 AM
Hey Mihai,

Well, you could make a copy of xds_index.html, and add to the copy your <link> tag to include your stylesheet. Obviously it will have no benefit for your Designer/Preview experience, but it will work when running your exported code.

We are definitely setting a priority to allow the importation and management of custom stylesheets and icon images. There's no ETA for that yet but we're taking it seriously and see the value it will have.


8 Jul 2010, 7:41 PM
Thanks man - that's exactly what I did and in a way it does make my life easier (a bit of work around but I am happy hehehe)

20 Jul 2010, 4:02 AM
vote for this one too. thanks.

5 Aug 2010, 8:28 AM
1 additional vote for this. Now it's quite painful to really design the things without icons.