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9 Jul 2010, 5:58 AM
Hi folks,

I'm thinking of using Sencha for a client project and I thought I would ask on here if it
is even suitable for this task before I burn a load of time on it. I'm developing an app
for iPad initially but I really want the content-view portion of it to be cross-platform
and that is where I though Sencha might be useful.

The app is an education app which would come with all data (text, images, audio, video) supplied
inside the app package. I was planning to have a native UI shell-application (kind of like phonegap)
which could access the on-device APIs for in-app purchases, etc and use a UIWebView with Sencha
to actually display the content.

The content views are nothing too complicated, just media presentations really, there will also be some
quiz views involving the user dragging and dropping images into the correct drop-zones. As I mentioned,
all data will be local, on-device, so there is no real web access required.

The kind of views I'm thinking about would involve tabs, panels, lists, etc with each panel showing a different
piece of local information.

From what I've seen of the demos, Sencha could handle the UI presentation fine and would be cross-platform too
(assuming a decent web engine is available), but the thing I am unsure about is how suited is Sencha to
loading local content?

Most of the examples seem to be performing AJAX requests, etc to fetch data from some web service, but could I
also use it to show panels of information loaded from local files?

Has anyone else tried this kind of app before using Sencha?

Thanks in advance,


13 Jul 2010, 11:35 AM
As far as we know, if you bundle all the content into your app, you can actually access them over XMLHttp, so our Ajax package should be able to handle it. We haven't tried this internally yet, so please keep us posted on your findings.