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11 Jul 2010, 9:52 AM
I'm glad to use this cool framework, but...
This is my first use of a Sencha product (never used EXT before etc...) and I'm having trouble to start a more structured application... (I read the tabbed-twitter stuff tutorial, but that wasn't enough to understand the structure of an application) For example, I'm not familiar with the "cards" or the "containers" or what the difference between the docked items and the items. For me, who grown up with the jQuery and jQueryUI api, the sencha touch's API just a mess of class definitions without new-developer-friendly explanation.
Okay, I'm sure all of you are experienced EXT developers, and this framework is not for "how to create fancy websites", I'ts a serious mobile app developing environment. I'm learning native Android programming but I'm more familiar with web programming, so I want to acquire the usage of this fantastic JS framework. I'm sorry to say that but the available tutorials (include the Kitchensink) is far not enough for me :\
Can anybody write a little beginner's tutorial with explanation, for example how to build a menu structure with basic elements like lists and HTML pages? (I mean the Cactus Festival app from the showcase topic, thats a cool app, but without explanation, hard to read for me:( )
I think a lot of newbie Sencha touch user would be thankful!
Regards: Wiiktor

11 Jul 2010, 3:01 PM
I think you should take some time to read through the documentation about the containers/layouts. There's a wealth of good information there that describes how all the pieces fit together.

I know you probably want to just "jump in" and get going and you can definitely do that. But if you want to develop something of scale, I think the first point of call would be to understand how the various classes are used. Also note that any material on ExtJS is relevant as well, since it uses the same architecture for these things.