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19 Jul 2010, 12:37 PM
because of interpretation of baseParams value has been altered, values are interpreted as nulls when opening a project that saved before v.

before this upgrade, baseParams was being saved as json. now it's just string.

19 Jul 2010, 1:52 PM
Hi joey,

The interpretation of baseParams and other object/array configurations changed in Thanks for reporting this. You can reset the value and resave the project and everything will be ok.

I have created a patch for the next release that will load those legacy configurations. But by all means, don't wait on the release :-) Shouldn't be too difficult to re-add your baseParams.

Thanks again.

19 Jul 2010, 3:33 PM
oh, i didn't notice that was :)

yeah i'm lazy but not that much, i manually edited my project files to fix it and just wanted you to know the situation.