View Full Version : Future of Sencha mobile, Ext core and non webkits.

19 Jul 2010, 1:28 PM
Dear devs and new ppl. :)

I have some questions about the future of sencha's new product line.
After years of working with extjs I can say with certainty that extjs and ext core are one of the best libraries/frameworks around.

Ext core is by go-to library for everything js related.
Extjs is my go-to framework for all web apps, air apps and even desktop application prototypes.

jTouch was a nice start but Sencha touch seems a bit more mature than what it used to be.
It still has some major problems and drawbacks for me (mostly performance-wise) but I am pretty sure that these will be ironed-out in the near future.

I can finally ask my question.
Will Sencha touch EVER become a desktop framework?
There are times that Extjs is an overkill for a web app. It is very nice for admin panels and advanced UIs but not so good for a simple photogallery, bookmark manager or just something to show email addresses.

A hybrid of Ext core and Sencha touch would be the best thing for situations like this.

Unfortunately Sencha doesn't work in non webkit browsers. Is there a plan to support this?
I understand that HTML5 will allow this but a bit of backwards compatibility never hurt anyone.

Thank you for these wonderful projects.

19 Jul 2010, 9:45 PM
Currently we're focusing on webkit based browsers, since it gives the type of user experience we're trying to achieve.

Also note that Touch is built on top of some Ext base code, there's nothing really preventing you from porting the ideas and code for use in a desktop style app.