View Full Version : [CLOSED] Should Designer generate formpanel xtypes?

21 Jul 2010, 2:58 AM
I have created some formpanels that i then link to an Ext window.
This gives me the types[config.xtype || defaultType] is not a constructor error message because the designer has not generated the line:
Ext.reg('myclassname', myclassname) at the bottom of the .js file that you modify.

I don't know if this matters but I am namespacing (project.form.myform).

21 Jul 2010, 3:04 AM
Hi heratech,

The project export action will not overwrite the .js file because that is your "implementation" file. A side-effect of that is that the Ext.reg() call is not generated. If you haven't implemented anything in your .js file, just delete it and re-export. If you have, make a copy of it, delete the original, re-export, and then copy your changes to the newly exported file that contains the Ext.reg() call. Or just add the Ext.reg() line manually :-)

We already have an open ticket to intelligently add/update the Ext.reg() call in the .js file when the userXType is supplied or changed, without interfering with any implementation code you have added to the file. For now though, you can add the code manually.


25 Jul 2010, 4:50 AM
Thanks for the response- I had already done that. I was just checking it was expected behaviour.