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21 Jul 2010, 4:05 AM
Good Day,
i have some problem
open please the picture.

on the one side you see a grid when i click on one of the rows
i will load parts of the record in the active tab on the right side.

i can load the record in one form on the right side... like in the example

how i can load the record in a "fieldset" in the activ tab

with this code one i check the activ tab and take the id from.
Ext.getCmp("user_form").getActiveTab() .id

and this is the form load from the example above

i hope you can help me

greets Kenny


22 Jul 2010, 12:47 AM
ok i solve the problem:

i have in my test 2 form fileds with the same name.
of curse the second one take no data...


greets kenny

22 Jul 2010, 12:55 AM
That layout looks horribly broken.

The grid is truncated.

That outer Panel, "Mittglieder blah..." should be

title: 'Mittglieder blah...',
tbar: yourTbarWithTwoButtons,
layout: {
type: hbox',
align: 'stretch'
items: [ theGridPanel, theTabPanel ],
fbar: {
items: [{
text: 'Speichern'

Where theGridPanel has the configs:

title: 'Mittglieder Liste',
flex: 1,
margins: '5 5 5 5'

and theTabPanel has

flex: 1,
margins: '5 5 5 0'