View Full Version : Designer for noobs or also for pro's?

27 Jul 2010, 1:28 PM

I'm developing with Extjs for quit some while. I hearded about the Designer some time ago, but never really used it.

My question: is the designer only for those who aren't that familiar with the Extjs libraries, or is it also for senior Extjs developers?

Why my question? I'm a little against designers (and other stuff like wizards, ...). I'm working with customers with there own needs. And from time to time it works with designers, wizards, ... But most of the time, you're missing something. And then you still need to customize it your own.
So I would like to hear the opinion from Extjs developers, are you really using the Developer for whole your project, or just to setup the basic, or just not and do you start from scratch programming?

Hope to hear your opinion. Thanks