View Full Version : No user guide? - How to use the designer to populate a tree panel

29 Jul 2010, 9:00 AM
I was hoping that I could load the designer, fill in a couple of properties then watch my tree panel get populated with hierarchical data from a server using AJAX. But unfortunately I feel that I am in need of a user guide to walk me through the steps required.

Could someone please point me towards

a) Quick-start guide for using the designer
b) Whether the AJAX data received for a tree panel can be added to afterwards (i.e. I popup a dialog, the user completes it, I post a 'add user' request, it succeeds, I then inject a single row in the tree - rather than repopulating the tree every time)
c) any screencasts that are brief (to the point - no waffle)
d) any recommendations on building a large application incrementally (best practices, MVC / binding etc)

Many thanks,