View Full Version : Nested lists (aka increase or decrese indent buttons) in HtmlEditor

11 Aug 2010, 2:14 AM
Kind of a funny post as I am going to ask if it is possible to add a 'nest lists' button in an HtmlEditor window.

The feature is actually enabled in the window I am currently typing in (Increase/Decrease Indent) so it must be possible.

Can anybody point me to some documentation or an example as to how this could be done or at least how it is done here?

I am a forum newbie and have been learning Extjs/Sencha through the age old technique known as 'trial by fire'. We lost our front end programmer mid-way through our project and when asked if anyone knew 'Javascript' I had the lack of wisdom to stick up my hand. So far it has been nuthin' but fun. I would appreciate any help though;)