View Full Version : Desktop and Ext 3.3

13 Aug 2010, 6:21 AM

I give up. I tried to migrate from ExtJS 3.2.1 to ExtJS 3.3 beta1. My app tells me there is an error: 'MyDesktop is not defined' at this codesnippet:

MyDesktop = new Ext.app.App({
init :function(){
// get modules to initialize (make available to desktop)
getModules : function(){
return [
new fmisondemand.AccountBeheer(),
new fmisondemand.ApparatenBeheer()

// config for the start menu
getStartConfig : function(){

<!-- here MyDesktop is not definded -->

var pref = new MyDesktop.Preferences();
pref.app = this;

return {
This snippet is the start of DesktopConfig.js. I changed files to use ExtJS 3.3 and I copied all desktop-scripts from the Examples 3.3.

I tried weeks to find out why this happens. It would be very helpfull if somebody knows why this happens or give me a clou how I can debug this error. I really want to find out myself.

Of course with ExtJS 3.2.1 all works perfect. In the meantime I wait for official release of ExtJS 3.3 (and hope it will work).

If somebody want to help and need more info don't hesitate and ask me.