View Full Version : Question about integrating XDS files in a MDSD workflow

14 Aug 2010, 6:29 AM
Hey there,
I am trying to work with Ext Designer on a model driven software development project. In the project the stores are generated automatically out of a model.
At the moment, I am generating the XDS "stores" array out of the model, then I merge it back into the XDS file.
So long, so good.

Therefore I have two questions:
Is there a way to use Ext Designer on the console, to export automatically JS Code from a XDS File?
Is there a way to setup a Ext Designer Project, saving the stores definition in a separate XDS File?

Thank you,

15 Aug 2010, 7:39 PM
Hi Thomas,

There is no console/command line ability to export code from an .xds project file. That is a good suggestion though and you are encouraged to post that on the Feature Requests forum.

There is not a way to save the stores in a separate .xds file...unless you do so yourself of course. But they will be literally in a different project. What is your motivation for needing this?


15 Aug 2010, 11:14 PM
Hi jarrednicholls, thank you for your answer.
yes I will post it in the FR forum.

My intention behind the separated stores, is the ability to create the stores automatically out of a model, for example UML. There I define the complete data model of a project. Then I generate automatically the whole code about data storage in PHP. So it would be great to create also the according code for the stores to use it in Ext Designer. At the moment I am creating the store definitions in a separately json file, then I merge it back into the XDS File. To omit this merging process, I thought of using the stores in separate project files.

Thank you,