View Full Version : Adding Checkbox Column to a grid

23 Aug 2010, 12:32 AM

I am having problems to display the checkboxes of my grid
I have transformed my grid into a editor grid panel and replaced the textfield by a checkbox. However, the box is not displayed.
Also, I am not able to a CheckboxSeletionModel to the grid.
There is also a RowSelectionModel assigned to the grid. Could this may be the reason?

What am I doing wrong?
Kind regards,

23 Aug 2010, 5:48 AM
Hi mannyk,

In regards to the CheckboxSelectionModel -- only one selection model can be set on the Grid at a time. You would first have to delete your RowSelectionModel before adding the CheckboxSelectionModel.

For the checkboxes, I need a little clarification on the issue. Are you not seeing the checkbox in the first row of the editor grid on the Design canvas? Or are you saying that the checkbox is not showing at all when actually using the Editor Grid (e.g., double-clicking a cell to edit it)? You can always attach your project file and I can take a look.


23 Aug 2010, 10:00 PM
Hello, and thank you for your help!

The problem was that I didn't see any checkboxes in the designer, nor in the grid itself.

However, I solved the problem by deleting the grid in the designer and defining it manually in the javascript file.