View Full Version : Themes and Skinning in ExtGWT

23 Aug 2010, 12:50 AM
hi folks,

as far, as I understand, there is no special API support for theming, but it is rather CSS centric, right? So, in order to create a new theme I have to provide my-theme.css overriding (or providing) properties for classes defined in Ext?

Does somewhere exist an overview of all available css-classes, maybe grouped by widgets? or do I have to lookup the gxt-all.css or gxt-gray.css for the set of defined css-classes and use it as-a template for my new theme?

And last question, why there is no policy for widgets to describe its css classes in javadoc? I mean skinning is a serious topic and there is always a way for reverse-engineering but would be good if a framework had provided support for it