View Full Version : Sanity check for Ext.form.NumberField

26 Aug 2010, 3:36 AM
Hope someone can check this for me.

I'm using a NumberField, actually a pair of them. I've set up a validator to check the range of the NumberFields and and it all seems to work in IE7/8. I also have allowBlank: false set on the fields. For simplicity I'll call the 2 fields from and to (basically what they are anways).
There are 4 basic issues:

1. the from field doesn't show the required message but the to field does when blank. I have a workaround where the range validation I am using checks the value length property and if 0 returns the message.

2. In Firefox, none of the validators show and in the error console that is part of web developer toolbar there are loads of warnings relating to charCode...I am assuming this is related to keypress filtering and since there are 3 warnings per keypress it must be onkeydown, onkeypress and onkeyup

3. In opera, you cannot use backspace and therefore can never clear the field. delete actually works.

4. The order of events being fired. does the custom validator trigger before or after the allowblank/minValue/maxValue/minLength errors?

I'd really appreciate some clarification here and if there are any solutions to this, a nudge in the right directon would be good.

Thanks in advance.