View Full Version : Multiselect and mouse wheel not keeping selections

26 Aug 2010, 1:37 PM
I have a gridpanel with a column editor as a multiselect. If I select the column to edit, the Multiselect displays. I then select some items in the list and use the mouse wheel to scroll down for more options to select and the multiselect closes (edit cancels) and none of my selections are kept.

<ext:Column DataIndex="AppliedDiscounts" Header="Applied Discounts" >
<EditorOptions IgnoreNoChange="true" />
<ext:MulitSelect ID="AppliedDiscounts" runat="server" DataIndex="SKU" DisplayField="ShortName" ValueField="SKU" StoreID="DropDownStore"> </ext:MultiSelect>

Any ideas what might cause that? also I can't click off (away/blur) from the multiselect in firefox. I actually have to double click in another cell to activate editing on that cell in order for the multiselect editor to close.

Also, in IE, i can't even hold the mouse down on the scroll bar and scroll without the multiselect box closing. :-/