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27 Aug 2010, 10:27 AM
Hi..! I am trying to add a splitbutton on a toolbar and inside the subitems I want to place checkboxes! It is very useful for a search tool where one can use to search in many locations or choose to ommit some locations by unchecking the different menu items.


I don't seem to have a "checked" option in the component config for the selected menuitem. Why? Am I doing something wrong?

By the way when are there new versions coming up? It's been a while hey? :-?
I hope this software is not being abandoned hehehe...

Thanks in advance...

A faithful fan of ExtDesigner...

28 Aug 2010, 11:17 PM
Never mind hehehe - I feel stupid: I found a Menu Checkbox item on the left hand side! Thanks guys...1 :)

30 Aug 2010, 7:21 AM
We are quite busy implementing major new features, including Save to File, Save to Toolbox, component sharing, and Sencha Touch integration. A maintenance release is coming out very soon. This product is anything but being abandoned; quite the opposite! We are just in a very large development cycle at the moment to bring *major* feature additions.

30 Aug 2010, 9:20 PM
Oh man - what a great forum message to wake up to hahahaha!
Thank you guys - I cannot wait for the new stuff hehehe