View Full Version : Getting the info on a target element from a change/blur event on textfield/datefield

27 Aug 2010, 3:31 PM
Ext version: 2.3.0
Browser: IE 6, 7, 8

Here's the problem.

I have a field: a textfield and a datefield

For each of these fields, there are change and/or blur events attached

When the function for these events are called, I need to know the target element I was pointing to which caused the change/blur event in the first place.

Now.. in normal event (ie) world, we have fromElement srcElement and toElement from window.event object.

In the Ext world.. I don't seem to be able to get this working easily.

What would you recommend?

28 Aug 2010, 4:54 AM
You are somehow equating Internet Explorer with "normal"?

That will be news to most web developers!

Anyway. Access the raw browser event using the browserEvent property of the Ext event object which you receive.