View Full Version : Annoying white space between containers in ie

29 Aug 2010, 8:08 AM

I have discussed this before and as it turns out someone mentioned that the white space which appears only in ie is due to the fact that if I want to put two toolbars on top of each other, then I should rather use containers and not a panel element.

I did that, but I seem to still have the same issue - white space!!!

So the idea here is to have a border layout (north, west, center, south). In the north I placed a container and inside it I put a toolbar as well as a tab panel with two tabs which both contain toolbars... I am trying to mimic the idea of Microsoft Word...!

In firefox, it works great, but ie - the annoying white space is still there..! What can one do to remove this annoyance???

Thank you in advance you guys..! :)


30 Aug 2010, 7:54 AM
Hi Mihai,

Please report this in Ext: Bugs, it's not directly a Designer issue. Many thanks!


30 Aug 2010, 9:37 PM

The thing is that I think it is a Designer related issue! I tell you why..! I have done interfaces using a normal text editor and all those interfaces work perfectly...! When I use the designer then the white space issue arises...! It is a weird thing! You see, I am actually trying to redo all my work using the designer as I find it a great tool to design, export and then program whatever I require...!

Anyway - for some reason (which I cannot understand hehehe), it seems to work if I place specific height..! But now the weird thing is that the white space shows in the designer itself, but not anymore in the finished output in the browser...! Weird...!

Anyway thanks a lot...


31 Aug 2010, 5:10 AM
Ok, well if you believe it's a Designer issue I can look into it. Are you able to share your project file with me? I can then export and debug the issue. Thanks!