View Full Version : Remote multi-sort in 3.2

29 Aug 2010, 10:12 AM
Does anyone know the status of remote multi-sort in 3.2?

Looking through the source for Store I see:

if (this.remoteSort) {
this.singleSort(sorters[0].field, sorters[0].direction);

It looks like it is not supported yet.
Reading bug786 (http://code.extjs.com:8080/ext/ticket/786) indicates this as fixed, but the discussion calls this a workaround. Is there an open issue about this or is it not going to be fixed ever?


29 Aug 2010, 11:27 AM
hi greyhound and welcome to the community!

to quote ed spencer:

I've implemented tobiu's suggested change for now. This will make multisort drop back to single sort when using a remote data source. The alternative would have been to come up with a new set of params to be sent to the server, which I don't want to do without some discussion first.

i wrote the workaround fix, because there was nothing in the code at that time, so a single-sorting would be a good start. i have not heard anything about that topic for quite a while, so i guess maybe(!) in ext4. but you should ask the team for details ;)

kind regards,