View Full Version : Refresh method in UIView not updating baseParams

9 Aug 2007, 11:02 AM
I am trying to refresh a single category view with another category without using the categorycombobox. I have seen that there is a new method-- refresh added to the uiview.
I have tried to use this method by passing in the following :


But, it appears that this doesn't work since the line of code:

var p = Ext.apply(options.params || {}, this.baseParams);

in the load method of the DominoViewStore is overriding that value with the baseParams. Would it make sense to reverse the parameters of that method to allow the baseParams to be overridden?

To get around this I have currently created a prototype method for the uiview:

Ext.nd.UIView.prototype.handleCategoryChangeWithoutBox=function(category) {
this.grid.dataSource.baseParams.RestrictToCategory = category;

which is currently working.

9 Aug 2007, 11:47 AM
Indeed we did add in the new refresh method to try and make things a tad easier. After looking through it I think you're right and those parameters should be switched. You want to start with the base params and allow any passed in to override them.

I made the change in our development version.