View Full Version : Performance test tool JMeter for EXTJs

9 Sep 2010, 6:16 AM
Good morning guys.

I'm looking for a good tool for automated testing ExtJS performance, specifically the response times of requests to the server. I have encountered a promising software called JMeter (http://jakarta.apache.org/jmeter/).

Does anyone know how to do performance testing with JMeter?

Thanks in advance

9 Sep 2010, 6:51 AM
Seems that this request is not specific to Ext JS at all and leans more towards XHR request metrics?

9 Sep 2010, 7:14 AM
JMeter only tests server performance (at least the last time I looked at it - which is several years back).

If you want to test browser performance (which includes Ext) then you should probably look at Selenium (although it isn't primarily for performance testing).

26 Nov 2013, 7:09 AM
JMeter is capable of simulating asynchronous XML-HTTP Requests and recording their execution timings as well as success or errors. The easiest way to start is to record your test case via Google Chrome JMeter Extension (http://community.blazemeter.com/knowledgebase/articles/231479-chrome-extension), amend test plan as required, i.e. add HTTP Cookie Manager to handle cookie-based authentication, HTTP Cache Manager to simulate browser cache, HTTP Header Manager to add User-Agent and X-Requested-With headers where required, configure whether to download embedded resources (to make your test to behave more like a real browser fetching CSS, images, scripts, etc.) and to use concurrent thread pool for this. Also you may wish to filter out external resources. The best place to do all above is HTTP Request Defaults config element.