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10 Sep 2010, 12:26 PM
I tried to convert my app from using a GridPanel (which works) to a "livegrid". Unfortunately livegrid seems to be very much broken when using ExtJS 3.3.

When I try to run the "simple_grid" example included with livegrid, I get this error:

this.mainBody is undefined
Line 457 (in ../../build/livegrid-all-debug.js)I get this same exact error when I replaced my GridPanel in my app with the livegrid.

I spent a couple of hours debugging, hoping to find a quick fix, but I could not make any progress. It looks like initElements() needs to be called before renderUI() is invoked, but that isn't happening.

I did eventually get something to render, by specifically NOT including the option "view". But when I did that, it operated like a regular grid, and there was no paging / buffering. (Also, my onClick handler broke.) In short, it wasn't a quick fix. Something in the API seems to be seriously broken.

Additionally, in using Google to try to figure out what is happening, I learned that livegrid is poorly supported.

- There are no docs included, except the one (broken) simple_grid example.

- There is a Trac bug tracker and Wiki, but there are only 3 issues total in it, and they are all over 1.5 years old. (I.e., not maintained.)

- There is a Sencha forum post for livegrid, but it is all one big long thread with 77 pages. I don't have time to sift through 77 pages of stuff that has nothing to do with the bug I found.

I was very excited about livegrid when I found it -- it is exactly what I want in my GUI. Learning that it is broken w/3.3, poorly documented, and unmaintained was a major let-down.

25 Jan 2011, 12:54 AM

is there someone who has some hints/informations to this issue? I have exactly the same problems as dereks and also like to use Livegrid with ExtJS 3.3...

Or is there a working alternative to LiveGrid?

Thank you for an answer...


25 Jan 2011, 3:27 AM
live grid works fine with ext 3.3 for me

please check attached link