View Full Version : Remove a dock in kitchen sink

10 Sep 2010, 11:27 PM
I am developing and app which is structured as the kitchen sink demo.
I have requirement, when Im using a phone, I should only have 1 dock at the top. But in the current kitchen sink demo. If a inner card is a nested list. 2 docks will appear in the top.

In previous version of sencha I removed the main dock. I did this using this simple code.

if(Ext.platform.isPhone) {
if(this.navigationBar.isVisible()) {
The above code was inserted in the onlistcahnge event of the index.js in kitchen demo. And this worked.

Now in the new 0.94 demo

I inserted the same code in the 'onNavPanelItemTap' function.
Here the dock gets removed but the card does not resize to fill the remaining space of the old dock.
I think this.doComponentLayout(); isnt working.
How can I solve this??

14 Sep 2010, 8:43 PM
I still cant get this done even in the 0.95 build.
I noticed that the card resize when I switch on/off the debug console in chrome. Some resize event is getting firing i guess. I tried the doLayout and doComponentLayout and both seem to do nothing.