View Full Version : Can we expect more backward incompatibilities en route to 1.0?

11 Sep 2010, 11:28 PM
I've been an avid user of Sencha Touch since it first appeared in June, and I'm hoping to have an interesting product out the doors soon that makes use of it.

The following should not be viewed as criticism or an idle whinge, but rather as a suggestion that will hopefully help keep many of us pioneering early adopters "on-side".

One frustration I've had in being an early adopter of Sencha Touch is a feeling of two steps forward, one step back on each of the updates to the beta release. After each release I've ended up spending many hours re-working stuff that I'd previously sweated for hours getting right in a previous beta. For example, the major changes to NestedList between 0.93 and 0.94 resulted in literally several days of my time to figure out how to switch from the old way to the new - time that I could ill afford to spend in this way, and time that has knocked back my planned deadlines.

I realise that in most of these areas we had actually been warned about future changes coming up, but, of course, without any indication of the nature of those changes, it's difficult to be properly prepared and to avoid the scenario I (and I'm sure others) have been faced with. For example, I didn't have the luxury of just avoiding the NestedList in the first place, just because I knew it would change - it was core functionality that I just had to use in the interim anyway.

With that in mind, now we're at 0.94 beta and, I assume, close to the full 1.0 release (coinciding with the user conference??), I'm wondering if it's possible to have an indication of what, if any, *existing* Sencha Touch functionality is likely to change and therefore significantly break any existing use of that functionality?

I'd hope at this late stage that the major changes between 0.94 and 1.0 will be largely confined to fixes to behaviour that is buggy or doesn't work (eg Ext.Msg.alert), additional config options or methods for existing classes, and brand new features not yet currently released - ie all stuff that is generally backward compatible for early adopters.

However if there are any known non-backward compatible upcoming changes, it would be tremendously helpful to know in advance and I, for one, would be extremely grateful!

Many thanks and keep up the great work - despite these concerns, I love what Sencha Touch is making possible!