View Full Version : Performance problem in IE8

13 Sep 2010, 7:27 PM
One of the pages Im working on, is currently not crossbrowser, as the client wants us to make it compatible with IE8 first.

The problem is that we'r using a variation of the superbox select without all the flashy CSS (we made it more look more like MS outlooks' TO, CC, and BCC fields), and around 30 of these instances go into a form panel, which is within a viewport.

The instances of the superbox control variation are created and pushed to an array which is then added as a child item to a form panel. In IE8, the controls show up first, and then , very slowly, the values in controls show up, one by one.. Is there a way to optimize this? And, no, its not being lazy rendered. We cant even determine when to hide our loadmask, because the forms' render event fires much before the values in controls actually show up.

I tried digging around the forums, and came upon a couple of posts stating AJAX calls made by stores as a cause of concern. This isnt the case with me, because the XML Im reading comes from a single AJAX call made before rendering any components on page. The XML in fact controls how many superbox controls are shown on screen.

This is a problem entirely with rendering.