View Full Version : Nested List having Form Panel and other as its item

15 Sep 2010, 11:43 PM

Could we add FormPanels and other components as items for nestedlist.
I would like to make work in offline mode.

In Kitchen Sink example we do have some thing like this

text: 'Buttons',
card: demos.Forms,
source: 'src/demos/buttons.js',
leaf: true

So could i do some thing like this for NestedList also.
So for each list selection i could slide in different types of Forms.

16 Sep 2010, 6:39 AM
I'm closely looking for Component acting similar to Carousel. But having a back button and some features of nested List.
So that i can do something like this

FirstPanel (list) http://iphonemockup.lkmc.ch/?id=SALHcAXEeFGmBjkhaTPAKabKdYDHSCWjDdEdcbhTg&style=illustration
SecondPanel (Form) http://iphonemockup.lkmc.ch/?id=LOMGShjZbARQBjkBcjQKKWehPdkRQYhZmHfPDaAca&style=illustration
Thrid Panel (list) http://iphonemockup.lkmc.ch/?id=EckFPTAhQPQPYPXbWNSRjOTMZdaCeLPgkMANfkFKO&style=illustration

The main header should not be changed but button and title have to be changed dynamically based on the panel.

Does anyone tried something like this.