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16 Sep 2010, 11:36 PM

i'm using ExtJS 2.2.1 at the moment and want to upgrade to ExtJS 3.2

Unfortunately i'm schocked about the performance with the latest ExtJS version.

I'm using the EditorGridPanel with GroupingView, paging and filterplugins.

Im load the grid by doing following:

var grid = Ext.getCmp(this.GridName);
grid.store.proxy.data = array; // array contains the data

if (grid.store.groupField)
var sortInfoFieldTemp = grid.store.sortInfo.field;
grid.store.sortInfo.field = grid.store.groupField;

grid.store.load({ params: { start: 0, limit: this.pageSize} });

grid.events.sortchange = true;
grid.store.sort(sortInfoFieldTemp, grid.store.sortInfo.direction);

The grid contains about 15 - 20 columns

Here logged the time for 237 rows. ( pageSize is 100 ).

Ext 2: 1935 ms
Ext 3: 5600 ms

I did this several times and everytime Ext2 was that faster.

Please notice the time for

grid.store.load({ params: { start: 0, limit: this.pageSize} });
I measured it 4 times.

Ext 2:
1441 ms
687 ms
795 ms
877 ms

Ext 3:
2701 ms
2495 ms
2403 ms
2378 ms


So I can't upgrade to Ext3 with this performance losing. My clients won't accept this.

Do you have the same experience? Why the old version is so much faster than the new one?


25 Sep 2010, 3:22 AM
unfortunately, ExtJS 3.X performance sucks :) we'll all have to wait until 4.0, which is supposed to bring many performance improvements...

10 Dec 2010, 11:37 AM
Hmm. I'm surprised to hear that. I was under the impression that 3.X was redesigned to perform faster.

So what have you heard about 4.0 that improves performance? Is that on the Sencha Blog or elsewhere?