View Full Version : dynamically change language

17 Sep 2010, 2:03 AM

i want to change the language according to users choice .
can i make it in extjs. what shall i do for that .Is there any example .

21 Sep 2010, 10:09 PM
In the bellow i got translation code

But here i am not getting how to change language ..
if i will change in that drop down then field labels are getting invisible ...In default English is coming..
can you please help me regarding this...
i chaged here.. Is there any add on i need to install in my system ?

Ext.translate.version ='1.8';
//JAVA support for AbstractAction class
Ext.translate.action = ['translateActions','editorActions','xferActions'];
Ext.translate.languages = ['ENGLISH', 'English', 'ux-flag-en'];
Ext.translate.customLanguages = ['ko', 'KOREAN', 'ux-flag-ko'];
Ext.translate.defaultLanguage = 'ENGLISH';