View Full Version : IndexBar issues?

17 Sep 2010, 6:16 AM

I'm investigating using Sencha Touch for an application which would make heavy use of Lists/NestedList for navigation. I've got some prototype here which does connect to a server to load the navigation tree dynamically (expanding nodes when needed). I'm currently testing with lists up to about 650 items on the same level.

I've been testing the following:
- Sencha Touch 0.95
- iPod Toch (about 2yrs old), iOS 4.1
- iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.1
- htc Desire, Android 2.2
- Safari 5.0.2 on 10.5

Some problems I'm seeing:

- the IndexBar seems to be broken when the group element contains letters which are not part of the letter list. Eg. if I've got some accented between D and E. IndexBar wouldn't jump below E. Is this a known issue?

- before I can start using the IndexBar, I have to scroll the panel manually at least once. Known?

- on the Android phone the scrolling pretty often would halt, blocking any further navigagion (probably http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?104155-OPEN-131-Android-Scrolling-Issues/)

- scrolling on the Android seems really "resinous" compared to the iOS devices

Some more observations:

- Loading seems to be surprisingly fast. Sure, the rather old iPod needs a few seconds to render the list. But the other two devices are < 1s.

- Interestingly going back up one level of the nested list seems to be rather slow

- can sub-lists be freed once we've navigated back out of them?

- is there an event (or could one be added easily) when a List element is actually displayed? I'd like to have some artwork in some lists. If I add them using the item template, then the performance is killed, as the browser would request hundreds of artwork files at once. I would prefer to delay the loading to when the item is actually being displayed.